Lose weight with Low Carb or Low Fat: What is nutritional therapy effective for Diabetes best

Lose weight with Low Carb or Low Fat: What is nutritional therapy effective for Diabetes best

Clear winner forms when comparing different diet

The number of people suffering from Diabetes is constantly increasing. In many cases, the disease can get well without medication. Especially important is also a healthy diet is. Health experts now report, what Diet is suitable for diabetics better.

Healthy life style helps

According to health experts, around 425 million adults worldwide suffer from Diabetes mellitus. In Germany, some 7.5 million people are affected. 95 percent of them have type 2 Diabetes. In the case of a large part of these patients, the disease can be controlled without drugs good. Important here is a healthy lifestyle with adequate exercise and a balanced diet is. Experts are now reporting on the best diet therapy for Diabetes better.

Low-Carb diets cut in comparison with Low-Fat diets in the nutrition therapy for people with Diabetes, the better. (Image: lameeks/fotolia.com)

Dietary recommendations must not be re-invented

In the case of of 35. The spring meeting of the Austrian Diabetes society (ÖDG) discussed the hundreds of participating under the Motto “Diabetes re-thinking” the paradigm shift that has taken place in the diabetology in the last few years on a number of levels.

According to a communication from the ÖDG a Central Session with the topic of nutrition therapy worked.

“With a healthy diet and exercise a lot can be achieved, Diabetes can be prevented by up to 60 percent,” said the ÖDG President and endocrinology, Univ.-Prof. in Dr. in Alexandra Kautzky-Willer (MedUni Vienna).

“Due to a temporary pronounced reduction in calories with restriction of carbohydrate intake (low carb) is a part of the patients, in addition to weight reduction, even Remission of Diabetes”, says the expert.

“For a lasting lifestyle change support, monitoring and Motivation of the Affected by the Diabetes education team, but it is necessary, such as in the new patient-centered guidelines set out in detail,” said Kautzky-Willer.

The Nutrition Scientist Univ.-Doz.in Dr. in Ingrid’s jaw, the head of the Department of risk communication, in the AGES – Austrian Agency for health and food safety, added:

“Dietary recommendations do not have to be invented specifically for people with Diabetes new, the same principles apply, as for all the people.”

Low Carb diets are advantageous

Dr. Stefan Kabisch, from the German Institute for nutritional research Potsdam-Rehbrücke, and the Charité hospital in Berlin, presented the most comprehensive evidence available for the discussion of carbohydrate-reduced or fat-reduced diets.

As it says in the message, it can be said that Low Carb diets are on many levels more advantageous.

The information, according to numerous laboratory values associated with Diabetes in the narrower and broader sense, in the comparative studies and Meta-analyses clearly better than shown, if the carbohydrates is saved.

Kabisch, explained: “carbohydrates make you happy, but not very tired. Carbohydrates are in our diet plan unnecessary, fats, and proteins but sometimes essential.“

And: “diets with fewer carbohydrates result in removal of a greater Weight, and body fat percentage faster decline.”

Not so often eat meat

The comparison between the nutrition forms has shown a difference in mortality between the animal and vegetable Low Carb diets.

In the case of animal mortality is therefore high, in the case of vegetable lower, with the increased mortality is not clearly attributable to meat, since it is exclusively cross-sectional studies (cohort data).

In the case of vegetable Low Carb diets, especially healthy sleeve to be used for fruits as Protein sources instead of meat.

“The message that meat should not be so often on the dining plan, didn’t arrive for decades. The consumption of meat increased steadily, although clear evidence was available,“ explained pine.

“The currently much-discussed topic of climate protection could contribute to the reduction of meat consumption, of this discourse therefore also represents a Chance for a healthier diet.”

Mediterranean or Nordic diet

Prim. Univ.-Prof. Dr. Bernhard Ludvik, of the 1. Medical Department diabetology, endocrinology and Nephrology at the Hospital Rudolf Foundation, looked at mainly in two moderate-Low-Carb-diet forms the biggest advantages:

“Evidence-based particularly advantageous is the Mediterranean diet and perhaps the not-so-well-known ‘New Nordic Diet’. Both have a particularly favorable effect on the fat distribution and the most risky abdominal circumference, especially in men.“

Both the Mediterranean diet as well as the “Nordic diet” are based on a reduction of simple carbohydrates and at the same time variety on the table.

The “New Nordic Diet” relies slightly more on fish (three Times per week), but is otherwise of the Mediterranean diet are very similar.

“Individual counseling is the core of. A Mediterranean diet can be recommended, especially with regard to the reducing carbohydrate and the, of course in combination with exercise,“ says Ludvik.

“What is important is that in the case of the Mediterranean diet, people are told that they should omit this Pasta and Pizza anyway,” said the expert and added that one can move from the discourse of “fat versus carbohydrates” more.

The most important thing is that the selected diet should be based on personal preferences. “We need to make food recommendations as easy and low-threshold as possible, because a change in Diet is at its best when it can be held in place by.

Remission of Diabetes can be achieved through weight reduction

“Diabetes is not irreversible,” said Prim. Univ.-Prof. Dr. Bernhard Paul Weber of the University clinic for Internal medicine I, gastroenterology – Hepatology, Nephrology, metabolism and diabetology at the University hospital Salzburg.

The expert pointed out that with a “Very Low Calorie Diet” (VLCD) of 800 kilo calories per day – consisting of a fully recognized food – fed, Remission of Diabetes can be achieved.

“The diabetes indicators to get back into a normal range, as in the case of a healthy person. The magic threshold seems to be a weight reduction of at least 15 kg, the Remission can be achieved,“ says the expert.

“But you have to stress the restrictive, the longer Diabetes has been going on, the less likely such a Remission is. Earlier, in the 70s, consisted in very low calorie diets the risk of a lack of nutrition, modern VLCDs are safe,“ said Paul Weber.

Coconut fat and birch sugar

As it says in the message, come again and again diabetics to the doctor to ask whether you can eliminate with the latest trend of the food, nutritional and weight problems.

In most cases, can be clearly found that it is never just a food, but always the entire eating habits.

Specially the coconut oil Trend has been addressed, for example. “Coconut oil consists mainly of saturated fatty acids, which are clearly regarded as unhealthy, as well as palm fat or the fat in animal products,” says Dr. Kabisch.

“They accumulate in the fatty tissue, and support inflammatory processes in the body. Therefore, for coconut oil, or grease: not in Excess of consume! As part of less meals, it is ok, but cooking should not be focused on,“ explained the expert.

And just so popular, birch, sugar pine, stated: “The so – ‘natural’ – sounding birch sugar, the sugar substitute xylitol, which is made very elaborately made of Tree components.”

This “sugar” is “by no means calorie-free, but provides 2.4 kcal/g.”

Some trendy foods have a high fiber content, but also the variance is better than the concentration on a food.

“Unfavorable carbohydrates with a low fiber content are. The fiber content should be above 8 percent,“ said Paul Weber.

“Colorful” Meal

To illustrate a healthy diet, be used various modes of representation. The most well-known food pyramid and healthy plate.

“Both of them have their authorization: The pyramid represents the prioritization of the food better. The healthy plate shows what to include in a single meal“, confirmed the expert.

Ludvik recommended that patients indicate that they “should take the colorful” food, because colorful means, means in food, that many secondary plant substances are included.

Stay away from highly processed foods

Another point of discussion is the fructose, since it is likely to be a main cause of fatty liver. Fructose people, according to the specialist only in the fruit in order!

Dangerous the added fructose, such as corn syrup, which is found in many processed foods.

Kabisch stated as the easiest Form of nutrition recommendation: “Banish highly processed foods with unnecessary additives out of your diet because often contain pointless sugar and unhealthy fat.”

Kautzky-Willer concluded: “Low Fat is out! Carbohydrate-limited fiber-rich diet with plant-based healthy fats to function better. No single food that brings salvation.“

And further: “Only a consistent Diet, which can be kept for a lifetime by, brings an advantage, and this applies both for people with Diabetes as well as for all the others.” (ad)