Dialogue at eye level? I feel like a child speaking with an adult

Dialogue at eye level? I feel like a child speaking with an adult

By the end of 2015, I was after a serious epileptic seizure for ten days in a coma. Before I was paralyzed after a brain hemorrhage on one side and was able to run more bad than good. The coma has worsened my physical condition even further, so I now have to rely completely on a wheelchair. Has opened me a new perspective on the world: from the perspective of a wheelchair rider.

It starts with the Seats. I’m at eye level of a child. At the supermarket checkout has to bow to the cashier down at me, and if I pay with a debit card, I need to type in the Pin, without looking. Most of the time anyway. The height of the seat is also in communication with other people is noticeable. Either I look up to my partners, or I see them on the step. To a reasonable Dialog, the same eye-level but. Intellectually as well as physically. In a Sitting position I feel I would be a child speaking with an adult.

Wheelchair access – with one caveat

Then the so-called structural conditions are there. Although it is a good catch, if the Hamburger hochbahn expanding a stop as you apply it, accessible. However, if the Expansion is not only the level of the platform to the track level, align, bring me the precious little one – as long as the installation of an Elevator to wait for.

It should give a lift to a bus stop, he is regularly out of service. It is amazing how often a relatively new driving chairs are defective and fail. The technology existed at least since the middle of the 19th century. Century, and is likely to have no children, diseases more. In such cases, I am forced to part, take huge detours to get to my goal. As it turns out, the only advantage that I live a long time in Hamburg and me with buses and trains know. A foreigner must first study the line network.

Elevator out of service – this message lurks everywhere

Accessibility? Well …

There’s an extremely large gap between the legal Definition of accessibility and the daily practice there is, unfortunately, still. This does not mean that I or other people with disabilities are lazy. The Back of Due to but should not be more strenuous than it already is. To be healthy is tough enough.

Many people still put a very cramped and awkward in dealing with people with disabilities in the day. I don’t want to exclude my previous I even. Before I was in the present Situation, I thought just as little about the challenges of people with disabilities, as probably the majority of the population. A broken Elevator is a comparatively minor inconvenience that forces you only to use a staircase.

Attempt to look the other way or exaggerated activism

Over time I have developed a sense of whether someone is really willing to help, or his Conscience wants to calm down. Mostly dealing with me between always turn a Blind eye and excessive activism varies: If someone without being asked and without warning the wheelchair of my pushes, it may happen that my fingers come between the spokes of the wheel. It gives me stuff from a supermarket shelf, I don’t need, I have you can’t refuse in the first moment of Surprise sometimes.

In my current Situation, I wish I had a non-convulsive more handling. If I need help, I can ask for. I’m trying to make as much as possible, because the only way I can do it at some point, to be no longer on the wheelchair. So: easy to make, I’m quite normal.

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