Penis myths debunked: Because you realize really how big is the best piece

Penis myths debunked: Because you realize really how big is the best piece

In the sports locker under pubescent boys, when girls night out with wine, in the Chat groups with the best friends, in comment columns and Internet forums under the alias: Where Sex is spoken, the speech quickly on penises – and often seem to be particularly important: their size.

And as is probably the case everywhere, where lay people talk to each other with great self-confidence about seemingly simple topics, also about Penis sizes and how to recognise them without seeing the best piece of itself, especially persistent rumors.

We have made particularly widespread myths about big penises to locate and examine what is really up to you.

“On the nose of a man…”

A quick glance at his feet and you know the Penis size of one’s counterpart, is not a popular piece of advice – so simple, it is unfortunately, like urologists of the St. Mary’s University hospital in London already in 2002 noted. They examined the Penis length of 104 men with Shoe sizes from 42 to 48 and were “no scientific evidence for the connection” between Shoe size and Penis size.

The size of the hands and feet to each other were extremely strong, write to Indian Doctors from Colaco hospital in Mangalore. With the Penis size both bodies would have to do parts.

Every Second is washing his Penis in the wrong – with serious consequences

The fingers remain still. Where it is not the absolute length but on the ratio of Index to ring finger.

Men whose index finger is shorter than the ring finger, according to a study at the University hospitals in the Korean Incheon, and Seoul in General, slightly larger penises.

The reason for the longer member in the case of these men, increased testosterone in the womb, according to scientists.

“No scientific connection”

Also, the nose size may give no indication of the Penis of its wearer, says Darius Paduch, a Professor of reproductive medicine and urology from Cornell University in Ithaca, New York, in the “MEL Magazine”.

However, there is a certain connection between the size of the Adam’s Apple of a man and the size of his Penis , but not genetically, but a “fat-related”.

Because overweight men, too much fat around the Penis, cast your Penis is small, says urologist Paduch. Your Adam’s Apple hiding under a layer of fat. In lean men, the Adam’s Apple and Penis are just more visible.

No eternal Penis growth

Also a correlation of body size and penis size from Paduch to “MEL Magazine”. The results of David Veale from King’s College London and colleagues, however, show slightly different results: the Team evaluated nearly 20 studies, in which the penis size or the circumference of the Penis of more than 15,500 men in the age from 17 to 91 years of specialist personnel.

You could at least find a weak correlation between body size and the size of the erect member.

Can grow the Penis in old age?

Who is with his Penis size to be dissatisfied, clings to the hope Grows the good piece maybe? So the rumor is that the Penis is similar to the human ear, a whole life waxes long, such as, for example, in the “MEL Magazine,” speculation continues to persist.

However, the opposite is probably the case, unfortunately. The Penis grow in the puberty, so between nine and 14 years of age at the most, writes the medical Portal “WebMD”. The growth is going to continue, then sometimes slows down until the early 20s.

At the age shrink the Penis then rather, writes Dr. Madeleine Castellanos, HuffPost, the author of “Penis Problems: A Men’s Guide” in the US.

“As soon as a man in his 60s or 70s, he often loses up to one and a half inches of Penis length.”


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