Renewable teeth to make the “third superfluous”

Renewable teeth to make the “third superfluous”

For sharks or crocodiles tooth gaps are not a Problem: The teeth to grow. Very rarely this also happens in humans, suggesting that we might get along people, theoretically, without implants or false teeth. Berlin researchers have now worked out a method that might succeed.

The formation of teeth is a complex Combination of special precursor cells in the jaw that collect to form a tooth germ, and, during tooth development via messenger substances with the surrounding tissue to communicate. The scientists of the TU Berlin have reconstructed in the laboratory: you have drawn from wisdom dental pulp of teeth recovered cells, they are cleaned and a special cultivation method in which you will develop within 24 hours to germinate the active Tooth with a size of up to half a Millimeter. The scientists were also able to show that the process of tooth formation is set in motion when they are cultured with cells from the gums. Other work groups have already done, that such tooth germs in an attempt to develop animals new teeth.

The advantage of this method is, however, that – in contrast to the other work groups – to patient’s own cells from the Dental pulp. Thus, reactions of rejection and also the ethical and legal concerns are avoided, which occur when foreign cells or the use of stem cells. Now, the tooth germs are to be tested in animal experiments.


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