Showers, drinking, fan: heat expert explains how to stay in the tropical nights, cool

Showers, drinking, fan: heat expert explains how to stay in the tropical nights, cool

After a little breather is blown at the weekend, once again, hot air from the Sahara to Germany. Especially in the South and West is scratched according to the German weather service at the 40-degree mark. There have been some hot nights to be so again. star has with Professor Martin Scherer, Director of the clinic for General medicine at University hospital Hamburg-Eppendorf, among other things, talked about what temperatures of 25 degrees and more in the bedroom with us.

Professor Scherer, a lot of German to sleep because of the tropical nights is currently bad. Heard of this phenomenon in the category disorder sleep?

I would put it in the drawer ‘non restorative sleep’. When you Wake up in the morning, whacked a total, then, is always the question of what it was. There were Worries in everyday life, it was the heat, it was one night awake longer. You should try first of all to figure out.

It ghosts a lot of Numbers through social media, how warm or cold it is in a bedroom should be, so you can sleep restfully. Do you have a tip?

First of all, you have to say that there is no consistent sleeping temperature. The habits of the people are just too different. We say it this way: you should feel comfortable. One could therefore speak of an individual wohfühlt temperature. In General, the shuttles 20 degrees Celsius.

What is the impact of night-time temperatures of 25 degrees, and more specifically, to the sleep?

The sleep is overall more restless, which is due to the fact that the circuit must operate at higher temperatures, significantly more. Because he tries to keep the core body temperature stable. In a warm environment, the peripheral vessels dilate first time. The sweating, a kind of conditioning for the body. It’s all very cycle-intensive and does not contribute necessarily to a restful sleep. Then an unpleasant draughts that may never come still, many as a result of sweating at night, thirst. All of this is a change of habits. In other words: variations in temperature mean for the whole body a certain amount of change, which also affects the sleep.

What do you advise people who do not come with these temperatures, especially at night even cope?

I recommend to take from time to time a shower. Not only in the evening before going to bed – even in the daytime. Ask yourself short in the shower, if it gets too hot. Then you hold it again for an hour. The water should be cool, but still pleasant to be felt. In order to relieve the circulation, sweat less and lose less liquid.

How can you otherwise still a pleasant sleeping climate?

Window! Morning and evening air properly. In the presence of air conditioning or a fan to reduce the temperature of the room. In countries that have more to do with heat, it closes the window during the day, and the rooms darkened. It is also helpful, the duvet from the duvet cover to take out only the sheets to cover up.

How do actually people with night-time heat, to be confronted almost daily with such high temperatures?

Cover only with a sheet. Where it is possible and people can afford to run the air-conditioning on high tours. In addition, they are adapted. You know it and have developed a very different heat tolerance. What is also very common that they fan constantly air. The us is rather unusual.

What’s the point?

The air circulates. Through the turbulence, the heat insulation layer is blown away, so the warm air directly to the skin, for a Moment. That is why you feel this turbulence as pleasant.

Back to Germany. The heat, the beads of sweat that drives parents for other reasons on the forehead. What attracts infants and small children in tropical nights?

Many tend to the babies too warm to wear. Light and airy things, fully. In addition, you should observe whether the child is sweating. Some children may perspire very heavily, and the pillows are soaking wet. This can be a sign that it is warm in the bedroom. If you have the opportunity, the children perhaps in a cooler room instead of under the roof to sleep.