Hear Katherine Heigl Sing an 'Embarrassing Cheer' for Her Daughters' First Day of School

Hear Katherine Heigl Sing an 'Embarrassing Cheer' for Her Daughters' First Day of School

Katherine Heigl is a regular back-to-school Mary Poppins!

The Suits actress, 40, seemed eager to send her daughters Adalaide Marie Hope, 7, and Naleigh Mi-Eun, 10, off on their first day of second grade and middle school, respectively, this week.

In the clip she shared to Instagram — taken from the front seat of a car — Heigl’s girls sit buckled into the backseats as she first sings, “My name is Nay Nay, I’m 10 years old. Today’s my first day, of middle school” — to which her oldest child smiles and waves.

Switching the camera’s focus to an unsure Adalaide, she continues, “My name is Addie, I’m 7 years old. When God made me, he broke the mold!”

The younger girl’s eyes go hilariously wide as she stares at her mom with a blank expression. But this doesn’t deter Heigl, who adds, “Today’s the first day, of second grade. I’m gonna be … “

“Super brave!” dad Josh Kelley chimes in from off camera, helping his wife finish the line.

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Naleigh Kelley


Adalaide Kelley

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Adalaide eventually smiles as the video ends and her mom states proudly, “First day of school. I came up with a cheer! And it was fun.”

Heigl captioned the clip, which she posted alongside multiple photos of her daughters showing off their outfits, “First day of school for my gorgeous girls! Yeah … I came up with an embarrassing cheer this morning laying in bed and couldn’t wait to sing it for them.”

“The good news is … I did not do this in front of their classmates! 😏❤️,” the Grey’s Anatomy alum joked in conclusion.

Adalaide and Naleigh’s little brother Joshua Bishop isn’t in school yet, but the 2½-year-old has set off on a new educational adventure of his own as of late — exploring the exciting world of farm transportation!

“After 5 glorious months in Toronto filming the final season of @suits_usa @joshbkelley and I packed up the tents and moved the circus back home to Utah,” Heigl captioned a Monday video series of her baby boy watching related videos before checking out the real thing outside. “Joshua Jr has been obsessed with excavators, tractors, backhoes and dump trucks for the entire 5 months and we couldn’t wait to get him home to the ranch so we could blow his tiny mind with the real deal!”

“We buttered him up with @YouTube videos of tractors (courtesy of our favorite children’s entertainer @blippiofficial) before we took him this morning to the ranch and well s— … I think this boy has a future selling #JohnDeere tractors to the masses,” she joked. “I mean seriously @johndeere can we get a slow clap for this kids enthusiasm!”

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