Keith Powell and Wife Jill Knox Welcome Daughter Dolyn Reed One Year After Son's Stillbirth

Keith Powell and Wife Jill Knox Welcome Daughter Dolyn Reed One Year After Son's Stillbirth

Keith Powell is celebrating the birth of his beautiful baby girl.

Just over a year after the former 30 Rock star and his wife Jill Knox lost their stillborn son Greyson, the actor announced on social media Sunday that the couple welcomed a daughter on Saturday, March 9, at 1:01 a.m.

“After 5 years of trying, and the loss of our dear sweet stillborn Greyson last year, my wife and I are proud and happy to announce the birth of our daughter, Dolyn Reed Powell,” Powell captioned a snapshot of the newborn’s hands on a bare chest — right atop a silver necklace bearing a nameplate that read, “Greyson.”

“(Dolyn, short for Gwendolyn, my grandmother’s name) on 3/9/19,” added the proud new dad. “Love!”

Knox shared her own set of photos from the hospital that showed the proud new parents with their newborn baby girl, recalling the scary moments before her arrival. (Powell re-shared the post, writing, “Her entrance into the world was rather scary but we made it and we are thriving.”)

“I went in to see my doctor on Tuesday for my 2x week baby monitoring and he saw some variables in her heart rate that he didn’t feel comfortable with,” the artist wrote. “He sent me to check in to the hospital, hoping to induce me that day. Two days shy of 37 weeks would have made Dolyn (short for Gwendolyn — Keith’s Grandmother) a pre-term baby, and the head of Maternal Fetal Care was NOT having it. *Word on the street is that Miranda Bailey on Grey’s Anatomy is based on this doctor.*”

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Keith Powell’s Wife Jill Knox Reveals the Heartbreaking Story of Losing Their Stillborn Son

Knox “sat for 3 days attached to a monitor,” she explained, before her body “went into labor on its own” right on her induction date — something the couple considered “a great sign.” But ultimately, Dolyn’s heart rate “took a very bad turn,” she revealed.

“I was held down to the gurney I’d spent 3 days on, and rolled with haste to an OR. I looked behind me and Keith was in scrubs. I was super confused. It happened so fast. The baby’s heart rate was decreasing by the contraction and they decided to pull her, worried that she wasn’t getting enough oxygen,” Knox wrote. “I know emergency C-Sections happen everyday but after what happened last year we couldn’t help but be absolutely terrified.”

Thankfully, their daughter arrived safely and “We couldn’t be happier and we can’t wait to get her home,” Knox concluded her post. “Thank you all, once again, for surrounding Dolyn with love.”

In October 2018, Knox used Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day to honor the son she and her husband lost the previous February.

“This is the only outfit I ever selected for our Greyson,” she candidly captioned an image of her stillborn son’s tiny burial attire. “He was buried in this little white onesie, blue hat, booties and gloves. Wrapped in this hand knitted [blanket]. Crowned in a garland made from my and Keith’s old clothes.”

“Clutching this quote from Rumi: Goodbye are only for those who love with the eyes. For those who love with heart and soul, there is no such thing as separation. ??,” she continued.

At the beginning of her post, Knox wrote, “Today is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day. Thinking of all the mamas and papas out there who have lost. Sending you all love. ❤️❤️❤️”

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On Feb. 18 of this year, Knox shared a snapshot of herself and Powell standing at their son’s grave, beginning the heartbreaking caption with, “Happy Birthday, kiddo. ❤️?” before going into the reason why she “laughed so loud” after going to the store to buy red and yellow Gerber daisies for the grave.

“Planning Greyson’s funeral was a real challenge but I found myself getting very aggressive about certain decisions,” she recalled. “The flowers were a huge one. I was not about to pay full price for an arrangement meant for an adult casket. I hated the color choices presented in the book etc … it showed how vulturous the death industry was. White daisies were so boring and I wanted Gerber daisies.”

“I asked them what other color options were available and Keith blurts out, ‘I want the colors of Africa!’ Maybe because we had just seen Black Panther and felt an attachment or we wanted our son rooted in his blackness, I don’t know,” Knox continued. “But whenever I see red and yellow Gerber daisies I laugh. ❤️?❤️?”

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