A teenager eats only fast food, and blind – now the mother speaks in TV

A teenager eats only fast food, and blind – now the mother speaks in TV

After the case of a British youth who ate Fast Food, had become known, according to the mother, an Affected word, and the blame for the blindness of her son, the British health care system.

In the case of young people, Jake, from Bristol, was due to his diet blind, has beaten high waves. He has raised the question of how harmful Fast Food really is new. Also, Kerry James was on the eating disorder AFRID and the resulting optical neuropathy carefully. It assumes that your 18-year-old son Harvey, who shows similar symptoms, are also suffering under this disease.

According to the mother ate her son for 16 years only French fries, potato and Maisflips with cheese flavor, and milk chocolate – to every meal. Such behavior, according to experts, is typical for the eating disorder AFRID, in the case of the food due to odor, taste, or their Texture be completely avoided.

Blinded by one-sided diet

Together with his mother, Harvey Dyer reported now for the British station ITV about his disease: “I realized I’m blind, as the Doctors told me that the sight of my left eye the way. On right eye I only see my hand movements, it was actually. Only a couple of lines and different colors.“

As these symptoms occurred at the end of last year, went to parent Kerry with the Teenager to a eye doctor who referred the boy to a hospital. There could also be after various Tests, no exact diagnosis is made. Therefore, the 45-Year-old sees a complicity in the blindness of her son in the British health system the NHS, because the Doctors prescribed tablets for the boy, no vitamin. In addition, they told him, according to the mother, it was his own responsibility to eat the Right thing.

18 Years old can never see properly again

Due to ADHD disease and its predisposition to autism Harvey was allegedly physically able to take other foods. The Doctors were not dealt with sufficiently. Therefore, Kerry James accuses you of not having enough for their son done. In addition, had not been recognized that a serious Vitamin A deficiency is the cause for the vision loss which results in no appropriate therapy was started. “If you would have then found that the Vitamin A value is so low, you could have been with the treatment start, and Harvey could see a lot more,” accuses the mother.

The vision of the left eye would not come back, in all likelihood, with different drugs and treatments will now be attempted to get at least the right eye.

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