All organic, all good? Of due! These are the shadow sides of the Eco-hype

All organic, all good? Of due! These are the shadow sides of the Eco-hype

People in Germany love organic food, but they also love cheap. Cheap-Bio is booming. This is fatal for animals and the environment, such as research by the ZDF-show “planet e” show. Who would like to do when buying organic products are really Good, you should be aware of these truths.

Who buys organic for the Welfare of the animals is most important. But often as well the own purse. Because, as the ZDF-show “planet e.” shows, sell the cheap-organic products of the discounters. The research by the author Erik Hane show: plants and animals are suffering more and more often.

What we eat are not organic bananas

Organic bananas are a lucrative business and this attracts greedy. “Many companies cheat, because that will bring more money for you,” says Omar Pavon, Bio-controller of Ceres in Ecuador. The South American country is 400,000 tons per year, the largest supplier of Germany.

The certification system was vulnerable to fraud, according to Bernhard Schulz, the head of the certification company Ceres, the controlled Organic farms around the world. Each company chooses their certifier in case of doubt, so those who do not look so carefully to keep customers.

Bananas are a culture that brings the per hectare yield – unauthorized pesticides would, therefore, frequently used. Schulz reports: “Often the bananas are sold as organic, the seal is actually not worth it.” 33 plantations, withdrew Ceres within one year of the organic certification.

Bio-Boom will harm the nature

Scene changes to Spain: The region of Almería provides Ökogemüse for German consumers. The drastic consequence for the nature: To 53,000 hectares of greenhouse after greenhouse, so that the southern Spanish Region got the name “Mar de Plástico” plastic sea. Of green areas, nothing more to see here. The contribution of the audience dozing sees caterpillars in the barren Land of flat rollers.

Environmentalist José Ribera is concerned: “The Cabo de Gata nature reserve is a unique Ecosystem in Europe.” If for more Profit, more and more greenhouses are built, from dying plants and animal species that exist nowhere else. An additional Problem of plastic waste, is. Ribera finds new mountains of garbage, Plan and containers of Biopesticides. “The plastic is hard to recycle,” says the environmentalist. “So throw it away.” In part, the producers of organic products try to get rid of it by lighting it. Even goats of the plastic to eat.

ZDF/Daniel Meinl Jesús Rincón is an organic farmer by passion, in the vicinity of the Spanish Almería. A counter-proposal to the Farmer Jesús Rincón presents. For him, the tomatoes get even to listen to music. “The foreign super markets want organic products, but she is interested only in that they carry an organic seal and not how they are produced,” says Rincón.

The seal of the EU organic there are already minimum requirements. Products with the stylized leaf of twelve stars meet the statutory requirements of the EC Eco-regulation. This means, for example, that fruit and vegetables are produced without genetic engineering, says Armin Valet, a speaker at the consumer center of Hamburg. For animal products, the animals may get only GMO-free feed.

A processed food can only get an organic seal if at least 95 percent of the ingredients are of biological origin.

Labels such as Demeter, Bioland and naturland, in contrast, has much stricter requirements than the EU ecological standard. They therefore have a significant quality advantage to the EU Standard.

Bio-Boom new Slums

In addition, the German trade dictated the chains, the prices, says organic Farmer Rincón. In order for the business of organic Vegetables is worth even more, it needs a cheap farmhand. These are mostly migrants. They reside increasingly in areas in Slums in the vicinity of the cultivation.

Around Almería, the so-called Chabolas, collections of the simplest of huts, the rooms, the Work of the waste from the plantations to grow together. The Biokonzerne exploit you, between 32 and 38 euros per day you can get according to the information of the social worker José Cuevas.

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Bio-Boom tortures chickens

Similarly, the States of many Biohühner in Germany. In Brandenburg, about tens of thousands on a court – life is the Research of Erik Hane for “planet.e“ shows pictures of zerrupften animals with broken Feathers, festering wounds, and in a garbage bin of chicken carcasses pile up.

Even more dramatic is the secretly filmed footage of the animal protection organisation, Animal Rights Watch, the shows gekotet the animals in the barn, in a confined space, injured, and fully, in between the dead chickens. And although there are Biohennen.

The EU regulation on organic production, only 3000 chickens must be in a stable housed. In the huge halls of the operation, the sections are divided by partitions so that in each case not more than 3000 chickens are housed there. Overall, however, the egg producer, where it holds nearly 40,000 chickens.

Up to 350 eggs per year, places such Biohuhn. This is pure Stress and also makes you sick. However, veterinarian Anita Idel white, even the sick chickens lay eggs – organic eggs.

More to the topic, and what can solve the Problem you see in the show “All organic, all good?” from “planet e.” on Sunday, 20. October 2019, 16.30 PM, on the ZDF or is already in the ZDF Mediathek.

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