Alzheimer’s, cancer, Diabetes: This Super-bacterium should be to blame for people’s suffering

Alzheimer’s, cancer, Diabetes: This Super-bacterium should be to blame for people’s suffering

Not always) an unhealthy life style diseases need to be (responsible. Researchers suspect a germ, to be a part of their creation involved. Actually, it triggers periodontal disease – the scientists were able to bring him, but also with Alzheimer’s disease, heart attack, Diabetes, and cancer.

What if doctors could cure in the future with a single drug for almost all diseases? An international team of researchers suggest that this could actually be more than a dream. For decades, various scientists from around the world have the bacteria “Porphyromonas gingivalis” in the crosshairs: a germ that triggers known to have periodontitis. However, the studies of the scientists show that many more diseases may have their origin in the germ.

So already in 1999, German researchers brought him to the heart attacks and strokes in combination. Patients with inflammation of the dental bed sick five Times more likely to have arterial narrowing as a Healthy, said at the time, Wolf-Dieter Grimm, Professor of Periodontology. Nine times higher risk to die of a heart attack or stroke as a result of the vascular narrowing is. In a long-term study Grimm researched together with dental specialists from the University of North Carolina, the relationships between Dental infections and cardiovascular diseases.

The bacterium is associated with Alzheimer’s related

Beginning in 2019, an international team of researchers announced a further discovery: they found that the germ was found in 90 percent of brains of people who had died of Alzheimer’s disease. Also in the brain, the water of Alzheimer’s patients live they showed the germ.

The researchers suspected that there must be a direct connection between the disease and the germ. This you could demonstrate in animal experiments. Oral infection with the bacteria, it is accumulated in the brain of mice and Beta-Amyloid-formed deposits. This, in conjunction with the Alzheimer’s disease.

In the study, the pharmaceutical company Cortexyme was involved. It had developed a drug that could stop the infection in the brain of Alzheimer’s mice. Also clinical studies have already begun. You should test the medium on people.

Colon cancer, Diabetes, pneumonia, The germs can be everywhere detected

One of the co-authors of the study, the Polish micro-biologist Jan Potemka, said to the “Bild am Sonntag” that the germ occurs in several chronic inflammatory diseases. He think it is, for example, in the case of rheumatoid Arthritis, it is very likely that the bacterium could trigger it. Inflammation links colon cancer, Diabetes, and lung, scientists have discovered, according to “Bild am Sonntag” already.

First step: oral hygiene, the next step: vaccination

Since “Porphyromonas gingivalis” passes through the mouth into the body, can make a good oral hygiene, here are already the first screening. The stated US researchers in 2005, when they published a study, which attacks the germ again with the emergence of heart attacks and strokes in connection brought.

According to “Bild am Sonntag” tinkering U.S. researchers are also already working on a vaccine against the bacterium. The Immunologist Caroline Genco explained the sheet, also, that there are promising Attempts to fight the germs with a blue light therapy.