C-Path and Vivpro join forces to advance drug development

C-Path and Vivpro join forces to advance drug development

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Critical Path Institute (C-Path), a leading global nonprofit committed to expediting drug development through the acceleration of regulatory-endorsed solutions, today announced a newly formalized Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Vivpro, an industry-leading provider of a revolutionary biointelligence software platform and innovative services. The partnership will enhance C-Path's core competencies in accelerating drug development, by utilizing advanced data analytics and deep machine learning insights offered by Vivpro to further revolutionize regulatory strategy and intelligence.

As part of this collaboration, the VivproAI platform will be deployed to continuously monitor and quantify C-Path's impact on accelerating and transforming drug development. The platform will also serve as a critical tool to continuously inform the regulatory strategies of various public-private partnerships coordinated by C-Path.

C-Path's established expertise in data management and standards, biomarkers, modeling and analytics, regulatory science, and clinical outcome assessments will complement Vivpro's innovative technology. Together, they aim to provide regulatory-grade solutions that advance the development of medical products.

Collaborating with Vivpro will significantly enhance our capacity to monitor and quantify the impact that solutions for drug development, generated through C-Path's public-private partnerships, have had in transforming the drug development landscape across many therapeutic areas. This partnership aligns seamlessly with our mission of increasing the efficiency of the development process for innovative medical treatments."

Klaus Romero, M.D., M.S., F.C.P., C-Path's Chief Science Officer and Executive Director of Clinical Pharmacology

Pravin Jadhav, B.Pharm., M.Pharm., Ph.D., MPH, CEO of Vivpro, stated, "It is exciting to partner with C-Path in a new capacity. This partnership allows us to combine our AI-driven regulatory strategy and intelligence capabilities with their domain expertise. Together, we hope to reshape the regulatory strategy and intelligence. The collaboration will foster scientific and professional synergy to accelerate the development of safe and effective medical products."

The MOU also outlines a shared commitment to explore potential funding opportunities to strengthen this collaboration further. Both parties have pledged to support scientific and professional activities and to co-sponsor workshops and courses aimed at training scientists in the field of drug development and regulatory science.

In addition, C-Path and Vivpro will provide opportunities for scientists and staff from both organizations to collaborate on specific projects. This initiative will cultivate a collaborative environment conducive to knowledge sharing, potentially leading to scientific advancements in areas of mutual interest.


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