Celebrity Trainer Lacey Stone Says Reconnecting with Yourself Is Just As Important As Exercising

Celebrity Trainer Lacey Stone Says Reconnecting with Yourself Is Just As Important As Exercising

Even though the holiday season is full of indulgent temptations, celebrity trainer Lacey Stone says it’s possible to maintain your healthy routine.

The Revenge Body star tells PEOPLE there are a few strategies to try in order to stay in shape — one of which is her new virtual training program (see a workout clip from her special holiday episode below).

“The only way you can really get in better shape and build muscle is by lifting weights,” says Stone, who focuses on high-intensity circuit workouts rather than straight cardio. “When you have more muscle it’s easier to burn calories. And you’re not going to get that from a treadmill alone.”

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Regardless of the exercise you choose to do, Stone says it’s crucial to use the correct form and start slow.

“People think that in order to be good at working out they have to go fast and they have to jump higher and win,” Stone says. “Everyone should warm up their body and have more body awareness and start at that first level so you can get your body prepared for more of a high-impact move. Then there’s the next level where you could do it with a little more intensity. And then the highest level is once you’ve really mastered the move you can go for it. Even someone that’s really fit should warm up before they go high.”

Stone says personal wellness is also about being connected to yourself and listening to what your body needs.

“The holiday season is meant to be a time when you should reconnect with your spirit because that is part of health,” she says. “Take that time to be with your family and enjoy it and don’t make it about losing weight, but make it about maintaining where you are.”

Stone says reminding yourself to be thankful will also boost your mood.

“Social media can be addicting because it releases serotonin every time you get a ‘like,’” she says. “But a positive way to use it is by scrolling to January 1st, 2018, and looking at everything that has happened over the course of the year and feeling grateful and appreciative of how you made it through.”

She adds: “Take a minute and think about 2019. It’s a new opportunity to do better with life, so write out your goals and really try to get in touch with your spirit because it’s something that’s losing its voice in the world.”

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