Corona-pandemic: cluster of severe thrombosis movement can save lives – Naturopathy naturopathy specialist portal

Corona-pandemic: cluster of severe thrombosis movement can save lives – Naturopathy naturopathy specialist portal

Cluster of severe cases of life-threatening thromboembolism

Pulmonary embolism are Patients is a frequent cause of death in COVID-19 -, reported by Researchers recently. However, even in people who are not ill with the novel Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, to take life – threatening thromboembolism-even a lack of exercise could play a role. Experts indicate that more movement could save lives.

The German society for angiology – society for vascular medicine e. V. has in a recent communication, the fact that thrombosis and pulmonary embolism, also during the Corona pandemic, no Pause. Professionals observe even an increase in the number of serious cases of life-threatening thromboembolism in people who are not suffering from COVID-19. Many people hesitate during the crisis, the visit to the doctor for fear of infection. This can have dangerous consequences. Also lack of exercise may increase the risk of thrombosis.

On every new Symptom care

The public focus on the novel Coronavirus caused COVID-19-disease of the other life seem to disappear-threatening diseases from the field of view.

This development has dire consequences for many patients, such as in the case of an untreated DVT.

Prof., Rupert Bauersachs, scientific Director of the action Alliance of thrombosis, therefore calls on the patients: “pay Attention to any new Symptom, such as swelling or pain in the leg. Talk to your doctor and have your risk of thrombosis to clarify.“

Sufferers often go late to the doctor

The background for the admonition of a accumulation of severe cases in the last time.

“We observed a significantly lower number of cases referred from family doctors. Instead, more serious cases come clearly to us in the clinic, the need to be hospitalized and often the result of damage. These cases would often can be treated at an early stage good.“

As the communication explains, should always be the family doctor or the doctor of first contact.

After a short time with many closed offices, most are now with protective material fitted and strict precautions. The Same also applies for visits to specialists or outpatient clinics, should not be unnecessarily moved.

Many people move too little

Also with the current easing of the degree of movement of many people remains below the – often low – level before the Lockdown.

Work in the home office makes the commute to work unnecessary and also the way in their own home are usually much shorter than in the office. Persons in short-time work, or people that move in your normal daily routine much, feel these restrictions.

“In addition, of course, the area of sports. A regular workout in the club or in the gym will not be some of time as possible,“ says Professor Bauersachs. “Healthy vessels are an important protective factor against thrombosis. Simple exercise helps to strengthen the veins so that they can do their job reliably.“

The action Alliance thrombosis, a coalition of medical societies and patients Association, has prepared to lift on its website an Overview with simple Exercises such as the “Fußwippe” or “toes” vividly.

Various Risk Factors

According to the German society for angiology – society for vascular medicine e. V. more than 40,000 people in Germany die each year from the effects of a pulmonary embolism, which is more Deaths than by traffic accidents, breast and prostate cancer and HIV. Most common cause is a thrombosis.

In the case of a thrombosis is a blood clot (Thrombus), which can constrict a vessel or completely clog forms. Most often this happens to veins in the leg.

If the blood clot dissolves and the blood flow to the lungs is washed, it can block blood vessels (thromboembolism) and a pulmonary embolism cause.

In addition, blood clots can trigger a heart attack or stroke, and other circulatory disorders.

Although it may, in principle, young and old, but the age is the main risk factor for thrombosis. According to experts, the danger increases from the age of 60 years.

Also people with varicose veins, a lung or heart disease, as well as Smoking and Overweight are at increased risk of thrombosis in.

In addition, it is known that the movement of travel lack, such as after a prolonged period of being bedridden after surgery or during flight, and also hormonal changes such as pregnancy, have an increased thrombosis risk.

The anti coagulation, so the intake of thinners of the Blood, is, in the case of an acute Deep vein thrombosis or possible complication, the pulmonary embolism, the most important therapeutic measure. (ad)