Dangerous addictive maker is starting tomorrow, is now also available in German stores

Dangerous addictive maker is starting tomorrow, is now also available in German stores

The inconspicuous E-cigarette with the name Juul looks like a long USB Stick and is indispensable for Nathan Behr of his life.

Since his roommate gave him about a year ago, a Starter Kit with four flavors, the 20-Year-old, who is studying in Washington, in a conventional tobacco cigarette. Today "juult" he, like many of his fellow students and millions of other Americans.

The US health authority FDA sounds the Alarm, especially because of the many students, the draw of Juul. And as of Wednesday (19.12.) the strong nicotine-containing and therefore very exciting E-cigarette is also be available in Germany.

Less nicotine in Germany

"Juul" and "juulen" expressions, known in universities and High Schools in the United States now nearly every. The E-cigarette, which is approximately three years, in flavors like Mint, Mango, or tobacco on the American market, has spread rapidly in the United States. Juul is how other E-cigarette consists of a battery, a heater and a small capsule with liquid. Is charged via a USB port. Some refer to it as the iPhone of E-cigarettes. It is stylish, strong and controversial.

In Germany, Juul will be initially sold in 1000 tobacco and specialty shops. The E-cigarette is in this country, however, contain less nicotine than usual in the United States. The managing Director of Juul Labs Germany, Markus Kramer, said in Hamburg: "Juul should Not be used by children or young people of (adult) smokers." Nevertheless, the US food and drug administration in the United States, according to a new study, many minors to E-cigarette. For many, it is likely to be the first contact with the addictive substance nicotine.

Juul acknowledges problems

According to company information Juul Labs has set itself the goal of moving adult smokers of traditional cigarettes to switch to Juul – E-cigarettes are considered less harmful than tobacco. Even the CEO of the US company Juul Labs, Kevin Burns admits, however, a "unintended and serious Problem" a: "The use of E-cigarettes, including Juul, in the case of Minors."

Juul-smokers Behr says: "Because it just tastes so delicious, you want it all the time." Mango had always been his favorite flavor, in the meantime, he’ll buy but other variants, tells of a Student. He had nearly pulled all of his Juul, the not did him no lasting benefit. If he had Mango had a home, he smoked a whole capsule a day.

"Health bedenklich"

The sale usual Juul-capsules in the United States contain 59 milligrams of nicotine per Milliliter. This corresponds to a nicotine concentration of 5 per cent, and even for experienced smokers. Only in the last few months, capsules containing lower doses are not available in the USA. In the EU-member States E-Liquids to a maximum of 20 milligrams of nicotine per Milliliter (1.7 percent). This will also be the products that come on the German market, the case, confirmed Kramer of the German press Agency.

Ute Mons from the German cancer research centre has, in any case, great concerns. "Even if E-cigarettes contain significantly less pollutants than conventional cigarettes, they are a health concern and an addiction potential – the latter applies, in particular, for Juul, the self-in compliance with the statutory requirements, with 20 milligrams per Milliliter of a very much nicotine."

Increase of 78 percent

Also, the drug Commissioner of the Federal government, Marlene Mortler (CSU), said last month: "In the case of Juul shows that you can’t let the E-cigarettes market themselves. ?We need to look carefully, whether the current upper limit for the nicotine is in order."

In the USA you met Juul predominantly in the highly concentrated variant, meanwhile, in all sorts of places: In student-WGs, to the U-Bahn stations, but also in school yards. The US Comedian Dave Chappelle "juult" during one of his new Netflix Shows on the stage in front of his audience. Is not allowed, after all, the US Smoking bans will apply as in Germany, the E-cigarette. And in the US particularly strictly.

The US health authority, FDA issued in November, the alarming Figures for the use of E-cigarettes among students in the United States. The number of US consumers in the middle and upper levels had increased within a year to 1.5 million, it said in a study. More than 3.6 million students have indicated, in the past thirty days, an E-cigarette Smoking. Alone at the High Schools, the number of users has increased within a year by 78 per cent – there is smoke, therefore, now more than every fifth student’s E-cigarette.

FDA chief calls for more stringent measures

The study primarily responsible for the particularly fruity or sweet flavors to offer, in combination with a high nicotine content. In particular, the brand Juul is called. "I’m not going to let a Generation of children to E-cigarettes wird&quot from nicotine-dependent;, commenting on FDA chief Scott Gottlieb of the results. He called for stricter Marketing activities of the companies.

Juul responded and submitted an action plan. The group announced, among other things, advertising on Social Media and to stop the sale of certain varieties in the retail sector. These flavors will only be available online – after a rigorous Review of the minimum age.

Germany-chief Kramer asserts, Juul &quot will;not only the relevant legislation for the youth to follow the protection, but about the legal requirements hinausgehen". Ute Mons from the German cancer research center warns nevertheless: "The success of Juul in adolescents in the United States should be a cautionary example."