Deal with ‘the cave of The lion’: this Is the sprouted cereal Keimster really healthier?

Deal with ‘the cave of The lion’: this Is the sprouted cereal Keimster really healthier?

“With Keimster we want to bring sprouted grain products to every home,” said Erik, and Michael your business idea in the current issue of the VOX-broadcast 'The cave of the Löwen'.

In the case of the lion this announcement made the first, big question mark, because the word 'Keim' was brought in by the Jury – and in particular by Frank Thelen – more to do with a disease.

The founders, the seedlings are very healthy for the human body and is therefore a great Breakfast alternative to oatmeal, and Co..

Sprouted grain is healthier

Cereals as well as nuts and other seeds contain in their original form toxins. Although these are not harmful to the human body, making the grains difficult to digest and can strain the organism in such a way.

Work around the can, by activating the grains in front of the food””. For this you need to be by the supply of water to the germination process.

In this way, not to be put in the grain metabolic processes, which only remove the toxins, but also new mineral substances, and phytochemicals set free.

This clever principle, have made the two founders of Keimster advantage of it.

In your online shop, and they offer a variety of trendy germinated cereals and cereal variations.

In order to expand their product range and to be in the future, also in stationary retail outlets, were looking for you in the 'Cave of the Löwen' now a strong Partner to support your projects with 300,000 euros.

In return, the two friends offered 15 percent of its shares in the company.

Two lions of Keimster convinced – under one condition

After an extensive tasting of the five lions, and plenty of criticism by Judith Williams, Frank Thelen, agreed Dagmar Wöhrl and Ralf Dümmel, to invest 300,000 euros in the presented idea.

With the offered shares in the company of 15 per cent was, however, neither of the two investors satisfied and so both Dagmar Wöhrl requested as well as Ralf Dümmel a company share of 30 percent.

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To Deal with "The cave of the Löwen": So it goes

At the end of trading expert Ralf Dümmel secured in addition to the award of the contract, the required 30 per cent of the shares of the company.

So far, the cereal was only ordered in the online shop of the company, or in the case of Rewe be purchased. In the future, the innovative cereals to be found, thanks to the support of Ralf Dümmel also available in other super markets in the shelf.

Really do buy instead of yourself?

Basically any nuts and seeds themselves can activate:

  • The grains need to be soaked overnight in water in a closed pot.
  • Then you are on the lowest level in the oven for 12 to 24 hours dried.
  • The best way to store it in the freezer and served up in portions.

With this method, one obtains the same two characteristics, the 'Keimster'-Founders apply in their products: The grains are germinated and however durable.

However, you have to bring a little bit of patience and a furnace with a good Conscience for hours on end can run. Here &apos creates;Keimster' so that’s a relief.

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