Defense power: This simple Basics to strengthen your immune system

Defense power: This simple Basics to strengthen your immune system

Flu viruses in the approach! Now fresh defensive strength is super important.

These tips from the areas of nutrition, exercise and Lifestyle prepare you for the fall and Winter.

Diet: The right foods are crucial

The right diet helps to be fit by the wet-to come cold days. If you will follow these tips, you’re prepared in any case.

1. Colorful like colorful food: The color, the better

You will need:

  • Vitamin A (in broccoli, carrots, tomatoes, green cabbage) for the structure of the mucous membranes
  • Antioxidants for cell protection (Vitamin C: citrus fruits, Brussels sprouts, peppers; Vitamin E: Almonds, Whole Grain Products, Avocado)
  • Also: Vitamin D (oily fish such as salmon, mackerel), zinc (oatmeal, lentils), selenium (fish, eggs, sesame).
  • Plus: herbs and spices. Garlic, Oregano, thyme, and turmeric act as an anti-inflammatory, and ginger, among other things, a disinfectant.

2. Regularity pays off

Meals to omit, constantly dieting to try, almost days – you must have good reasons. But: You’re provoking gaps in your Vitamin &-Co.-Supply.

Therefore, If you don’t eat regularly (about three meals a day), keep the quality of your nutrient intake, better still, to avoid any risk of deficiency.

3. The immune cells in the intestine, maintain

Here, a large part of our defense is the home cells. Protect your gut flora with natural yoghurt and fermented vegetables such as Sauerkraut contain valuable microorganisms in your intestinal mucosa maintains.

4. A little Detox will help

Alcohol and cigarettes inhibit important components of the immune system. Alcohol, therefore, only in moderation. But otherwise, a lot of drinking, and the mucous membrane keeps wet and defense.

Smoke better not even. It leads to inflammation in the bronchi and destroys the skin’s protective mucus. According to the German cancer research center a few cigarettes a lung and a weakened immune system already.

Movement: remain Active and in the fresh air

As a rule of thumb, Regular movement, even in the fresh air. Quick walks to help your immune system.

5. Regularly the body to move

Crucial is regularity. Who is four to five times a week for 20 minutes at a swift walk, and so his circulation stops, probably does more for his immune system than someone who plays once a week, soccer or Tennis.

So for your daily dose of movement, for example, on the way to work.

6. On the right dose comes

Exercise is tested to withstand inflammatory processes in the body that make us more susceptible to infections, in check.

For an efficient immune sports powers, the following applies: not too intense, which stresses the body and weakens, rather the immune system. Particularly vulnerable, we are 1 to 2 days after a very heavy stress (the Open-Window effect).

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7. To fresh air

Despite rain, fog, and cold, and sportle, at least temporarily, outside. You flutest your systems with oxygen, and breathe fresh-moist instead of dry heating air.

Good, because the Latter dry the mucous membranes in the nose, mouth, and lungs, and gives you viruses easier access to your body.

Lifestyle: relaxation and positive thoughts

In order to stay healthy, we need more than a healthy diet and regular exercise. Important a positive Mindset is.

8. Relaxation: find your inner being

And, although quite aware, for example, with mindfulness meditation. The mind in an inner peace various Immune put according to studies, inflammation parameters positively.

An introduction to guided meditations, for example, offer.Important: a good night’s sleep. Already a week less than six hours per night increases your risk of Infection, smooth, four-fold!

9. Cheeeese: Please smile

People with more negative feelings responded in studies on the flu vaccine and were less anti-body. In other studies, they were more prone to colds.

Therefore, if you’re often in a bad mood, try the LKS strategy: lights out slows down the secretion of the mood killers Melatonin, so go! Kisses, who do you love – the hormone flood spurred on mood and save. Sing, and in the choir: researchers at the University of Frankfurt showed that mood and immune activity are on the rise.

10. Loneliness, prevent, and maintain contacts

This has a positive effect on the Psyche, gives confidence, comfort and support. Whom it is lacking, can often handle external loads, such as in the Job worse.

It’s stressing and can make you sick. This is also true for a longer period of solitude. Flexion better before: Even if you’re not happy alone, you can be in a crisis situation a persons in is also important for you.

Mathias Heinze

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