Desk-butt: So much the Pomuskeln suffering, if you are sitting all day

Desk-butt: So much the Pomuskeln suffering, if you are sitting all day

The one who gets up after Sitting a long time, probably notices that the back is hurting and some muscles, like the hip flexors, are tight.

What happens to your butt when you sit for so long, and what you can do about it, has betrayed the movement doctors Dan Giordano to ‘self’.

When Sitting, the Po is not being used

“If you sit all day, be switched off, the gluteal muscles, in Essence,” explains Giordano.

Since the gluteal muscles affect the Hip, the pelvic rotation and pelvic stability is what is for the butt bad at the same time for the entire body bad. Finally, everything is linked.

And because the gluteal muscles are needed for so many movements in daily life and during a Workout, is it worth it to keep them healthy.

So harmful permanent Seats

If it sits for a long period of time, especially in a bad attitude (what does the vast majority of us, according to Giordano), tighten the hip flexors. This prevents activation of the gluteal muscles. “If this happens, do not rotate the pelvis forward, which leads to a bruise in the lower back, the back pain can result,” says Giordano.

Such a failure will not change attitude in the course of time, this could lead to chronic pain. Of course, it is unlikely that you would notice after a few weeks or months, where you have the majority of your day Sitting, spent, already a negative impact. “But after a while, the damage begin to add up,” says the expert.

Sit can have an impact on the entire body

“If hips or buttocks are not functioning properly, this can increase the pressure on the knees and ankles,” says Giordano. If the large Butt muscle could not bear his weight, shifting of the pressure and the force on such weaker, because the muscles are supported each other.

A weak butt can be detrimental to the Training

Pomuskeln will not be charged in the Sit correctly, and with time, they become weaker. As “muscle atrophy” phenomenon can not contribute to the building of a strong and full buttocks is achieved through strength training.

Quite apart from the fact that Squats and co. feel in a lot of seaters, much more so than in the case of people, the burden on the Po in everyday life more. The result is that You have to push yourself much more, to train more.

Posture and exercising regularly

To prevent the issues, you can optimize your posture while Sitting.

  • Position your chair so that your hips are slightly above the knee.
  • Make sure that the lower back is supported, either by a stable chair back, or a pillow.
  • Your shoulders hold relaxed, but sit upright. The head should be directly under the shoulders.
  • The Computer should be at eye level or slightly below. If it is too low, this tilts the head forward.
  • The elbow you can position on the best to about table height. Make sure you are close enough to the Desk, not forward reaching for the keyboard.
  • If you realize that you should indeed install with a decent posture in the working day, but in the course of the day, more and more in you zusammensackst, several small breaks where you walk around and you stick.

Regular Workouts can counteract the effects of prolonged Sitting. Giordano recommends Pilates to strengthen the Core and improve posture. Also Barre classes that train the hips and buttock muscles, suitable for all seats throughout the day.

The expert has yet another simple tip that will immediately against a flat, washed-out Po: “You can press the gluteal muscles in the seat to activate it.”

Judith Kerstgens

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