Doctor reveals how you programmed your hormones to lose weight

Doctor reveals how you programmed your hormones to lose weight

Fat begins to melt, if you burn more calories than you take on the day – you would think.

Dr. Sara Gottfried is a Wife, a medical doctor and Bestseller-author of the book "The hormone diet: regulate metabolism and losing weight successfully by restarting the Hormonsystems".

She knows hormones particularly well and reveals in an interview with the Online magazine "Mindbodygreen" their key strategy that can help extremely effective in losing weight.

Fat does not equal fat

The expert distinguishes between two different types of fat, the subcutaneous and the visceral fat. Subcutaneous fat is visible externally and a lot of people would like to lose some of it, to get a better body feeling.

Visceral fat is the deep fat that is far more threatening. It puts some of the human organs, such as, for example, the liver, the kidneys or the intestines.

Metabolism hormones as a reason for weight gain

The human body is designed, from the earliest time to store fat. It was important to have on days where there is a lack of food, have enough reserves to Survive.

Nowadays, there are large Parts of the world, however, plenty of food and it is not absolutely necessary, to build up fat reserves for emergencies. The white of the body, however, is not, and stores the captured fat anyway. This creates, according to Dr. Gottfried hormonal dropouts.

The Trick of your theory is to omit over a period of 21 days, particular foods, and so the balance of the seven major metabolic hormones in the body to restore.

Therein lies the secret

In order to implement these strategies optimally, the medical doctor on ten different aspects of your concept and says: “calories are important, hormones are important. In particular, the reduction of the abdominal Fat, the Back contains the stomach hormones Insulin, Leptin and Cortisol&quot fat;.

1. Purslane instead of Fructose

Purslane is a flowering plant and a super-rich, extensive source of Omega-3 fatty acids and Melatonin. This feature helps in burning fat, because the substances changes in the abdominal Fat, caused by, for example, Fructose, seem to be turning around.

You can grow the Plant yourself or buy at the supermarket. As an additional Plus, purslane strengthens the memory and the Connections of the synapses.

2. Less Cardio, more HIIT

Hard to believe, but true: Cardio exercise will not help, according to the expert, necessarily at burning fat, but may even increase the cortisol levels and thus the proportion of fat in the body.

The signals to the body Stress, with the result that he begins to store a lot of fat. HIIT burns are known to have a lot of calories, but keep the cortisol levels low, you recreations with a few minutes, and less Stress trained.

3. Alcohol is a No-Go

That alcohol is bad for the body, is no secret. Similarly, that the consumption does not bring any benefits if you accept to try.

So, it is especially important to eliminate alcohol, but also sugary juice or sodas during the hormone-optimization from the diet.

4. Anti-inflammatory proteins help

Lentils or other legumes contain healthy and anti-inflammatory proteins, these are important because too little proteins, but too many carbs can lead to weight gain.

Clean and good proteins are also included in salmon or beef.

5. To Gluten and milk products abandon

Food intolerances can cause Stress and therefore the stress hormone Cortisol and the immune system damage. It is so important the most common food, which can lead to incompatibilities, to remove from the diet plan.

According to the expert, can reduce, for example, a gluten-free diet fat.

6. Conclusion with Fructose and glucose

As the most dangerous sugar for the body Fructose. He goes directly to the liver and makes fat. In addition, Fructose signals the brain no feeling of satiety, which means that you always get more Hunger and more eating.

This fact triggers besides Stress in the body and leads to inflammation.

You should restrict his diet to fruits such as lemons, limes, Avocados and olives, in order to lose belly fat.

7. Cortisol is essential to avoid

Fat is stored especially in stressful situations, abundant chert. This can be a stressful everyday life, but also emotional Stress.

As soon as the stress hormone cortisol is formed, it is more likely that the increases in body weight. The best works here, for example, a regular 30-minute Yoga routine in the everyday life of solo build.

A Meditation or a Massage can help. The best to find out for yourself what relaxes him the most.

8. Sleep is essential

To visceral fat may be used as a verb, recommends the expert 7 to 8.5 hours of uninterrupted sleep. Plenty of sleep provides relaxation and keeps Cortisol and Insulin under control.

9. Adiponectin regulates the feeling of Hunger

Adiponectin is a peptide hormone formed in the fat cells of humans and animals. It is regulated by other hormones, such as Leptin, the hunger feeling and food intake.

The more Adiponectin you take, the more fat you burn. These hormones include, for example, in pistachios, and pumpkin seeds.

10. Intermittent fasting as a panacea?

Fasting, which is limited to a certain period of time, can stimulate the burning of fat and reduce visceral fat.

The fat boost burning optimally, the expert on women recommends a time window of 18 and men of a of 16 hours, is included in which no food. Here you will find fast more info and tips on the subject of Interval.

If so you could achieve, in spite of plenty of Sport and supposedly a healthy diet after a long time still no results, then it might not be due to the fact that the most important metabolic hormones in the body are in balance.

These hormones, however, can be a few tips and Tricks to Zero and balance restored.

With the recovery of the hormonal balance is nothing more then the successful reduction of weight in the way.

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