Doctors in South Korea confuse the patient and drive the wrong Baby

Doctors in South Korea confuse the patient and drive the wrong Baby

The mix-up of patient data has resulted in a hospital in South Korea to an erroneous abortion in the case of a woman in the sixth week of pregnancy. The police in the Seoul district of Gangseo find against a doctor and a nurse because of neglect of duty.

The reported "The Korea Herald" and other South Korean Newspapers. Both of the accused will be accused to have the identity of the Pregnant woman before the procedure is not checked.

The incident took place, therefore, in the beginning of August. As the then-pregnant woman, a Vietnamese woman, had visited the hospital, had you been told that you need an Infusion. Instead, you have received as a result of a mix-up of the patient file an anesthetic syringe. When she came in due to bleeding a day later in the hospital, have you told her her fetus had been aborted.

Abortion in Korea is illegal

Why the other woman to have an abortion should be carried out, it is not clear from the Reports. In South Korea, abortion is, with few exceptions, illegal. Women who get an abortion is in danger of a conviction, a prison sentence of up to one year. Doctors who perform the procedure, can be punished with up to two years in prison.

The constitutional court had called for in April the Parliament to relax the 66-year-old abortion law until the end of 2020, so that a termination of pregnancy is in the early stage.

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