Domino’s Is Selling Its Biggest Pizza Ever, and It Barely Can Fit into Cars

Domino’s Is Selling Its Biggest Pizza Ever, and It Barely Can Fit into Cars

Over in Australia, it’s summertime, and Domino’s is celebrating hard with its biggest pizza ever—officially dubbed the #OfficialPizzaOfSummer. This beast is so enormous, you wonder why the U.S. didn’t think of it first. Despite it being approximately 10,000 miles away, here’s everything we know about this supersized pizza.

It comes with four kinds of pizza.

This thing is meant for sharing, so one kind of topping just wouldn’t be enough. It’s split into four quarters: Pepperoni, Supreme, BBQ Meatlovers, and Hawaiian. Each quarter has three massive slices in it, which look big enough to fill you up after just one. You know those enormous slices that seem to only be found in college towns? Imagine that, times 12.

It’s available in extremely limited quantities.

Only two are available per store, per day, so you have to order one online ahead of time if you want in. Domino’s requires a 24 hour heads-up, so plan your hang-outs accordingly.

It’s too big for delivery.

Do you really expect someone to carry this on their bike to you?! No, you gotta go in and pick it up. And since it’s a full 40 inches across (Domino’s had to make new boxes to stand up to the weight!) you might want to go in an SUV.

It’s actually pretty cheap.

The pie costs 50 Australian dollars, which is about $36 in USD. If everyone eats their own slice, that’s only $3 per person. Domino’s U.S.—where you at?

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