Dr Amir shares blood types that attract mosquitoes

Dr Amir shares blood types that attract mosquitoes

Dr Amir talks about blood types that attract mosquitoes

If you are loving the hot temperatures, you’re sadly not the only one as mosquitoes also prefer warm weather.

This means the annoying buzzers are likely to come out in force during warm evenings and leave many itching.

While certain risk factors for the puffy bites like the colour you wear can be easily switched up, others like your blood group are non-negotiable.

If you are blood group O, then Dr Amir Khan has some bad news for you.

Speaking on ITV’s show Lorraine, he said: “Mosquitoes prefer certain blood groups as well. 

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“They like blood group O best, then followed by A, and they are least likely to go for blood group B.”

The TV doctor isn’t the only one to highlight blood type O as the bloodsucker’s favourite, as research, published in the journal of Medical Entomology, also backs this.

The research team studied landing preferences of Asian tiger mosquitoes by looking at 64 humans with different blood groups.

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Just like Dr Amir warned, blood group O was the most popular among the flying insects.

However, other research bodies and data have fuelled a lot of speculation.

Instead of blood groups, many experts report that the likelihood of being a “mosquito magnet” has more to do with skin odours and microbiota.

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Another risk factor for bites could be biological sex, according to Dr Amir. He said: “[Mosquitoes] are more likely to bite women, so sorry ladies.”

If you belong to the groups with a higher risk, the TV doctor recommended keeping your bites clean and using antihistamine cream.

He added: “If you do get bitten, give it a good wash under some soap and water and you can apply some antihistamine cream. It’ll itch for a while but it should settle down.”

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