Emily Skye Has A Foolproof Way to Tell If You’re Training Hard Enough

Emily Skye Has A Foolproof Way to Tell If You’re Training Hard Enough

If you follow Emily Skye on Insta (if not, get on that!), you’d be well aware that she’s not about that hyper-filtered life. The fitness influencer is always totally transparent with her 2.4mil followers – especially when it comes to learning to love the ‘flaws’ in her body post-baby (cellulite? Stretch marks? NBD.)

In a recent rant on Insta stories, however, Em got real about embracing something else entirely: the ugly “gym face.”

In a series of clips, the former WH cover star poked fun at herself for making strained facial expressions whilst smashing out a set of kettlebell swings.

“Does anyone else pull ugly faces during those last few reps?” she asked in a poll.   

To her surprise, many people responded that they didn’t. And honestly, she wasn’t impressed.

“To all the people who said they don’t make funny faces while training… I expect you to send me a video of your training looking beautiful and perfect mid-workout,” she said. “I think if you don’t pull those ugly faces while training, you’re just not training hard enough.”

And to all those who did sympathise with Em’s sweaty, beetroot-tinted mug, props to you: it’s not like the gym is a runway. Plus, it’s an indication that you’re giving it your best.

“Who gives a sh*t what people think,” she said. “You just have to do your thing and people are always going to say things. Who cares if you pull funny faces because what matters is what you’re doing and that you keep going.”

Couldn’t have said it better ourselves, Em.

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