Fitbit Just Launched Some (More Affordable!) New Trackers

Fitbit Just Launched Some (More Affordable!) New Trackers

Last week, Fitbit announced that they would be launching new wearables this spring: the Fitbit Versa Lite, Fitbit Inspire, and Inspire HR, as well as the Fitbit Ace 2 for kids. Today, three of those trackers are officially available to purchase for presale on the retailer’s website (the Ace 2 will launch later this summer). Here’s what you need to know about each of the new models, as well as how they differ from existing Fitbits.

First things first: What are the big changes?

In general, these new Fitbit products aim to make the smartwatches and fitness trackers more accessible and affordable for everyone. The company also announced that they will soon be redesigning the Fitbit app to make it easier to personalize your dashboard and connect with others in the community.

Also good: All of these new wearables are swim-proof and come with an impressive new line of accessories.

Fitbit Versa Lite (center)

The Versa Lite ($160; is the latest Versa smartwatch—and it’s $40 cheaper. Although this is a streamlined version of the original Versa, the Versa Lite still has the same core features, including sleep, heart rate, and general activity tracking; access to a slew of handy apps and GPS; and a battery that can hold its charge for four days at a time. It’s also available in fun new colors, including eye-catching mulberry, bright marina blue, and a pretty lilac, as well as basic white. Note that certain features from the Versa are missing from the Versa Lite, such as the ability to stream music. But if you’re after a pared-down, more affordable smartwatch, this is a terrific choice.

Fitbit Inspire HR (left)

Sleek and streamlined, the Inspire HR ($100; is Fitbit’s newest 24/7 heart rate tracking device. It lets you monitor your sleep stages, cardio levels, and physical activity with more than 15 goal-based exercise modes and up to five days of battery life. Also cool: You can access guided breath sessions and have the ability to tap into your phone’s GPS to see real-time distance traveled. The Inspire HR is available in white, black, and lilac (pictured).

Fitbit Inspire (right)

Now Fitbit’s most affordable tracker, the Inspire ($70; is a pared-down version of the Inspire HR. The Inspire has many of the same core features, such as all-day activity and calorie burn tracking, sleep tracking, and automatic exercise recognition, all with a sleek touchscreen and the same battery life.

Unlike the Inspire HR, it does not have the heart rate features (you cannot monitor 24/7 heart rate, resting heart rate, or heart rate zones, for example). The Inspire is also missing a few other features, such as the exercise modes and breath sessions (you can compare both models on But all in all, this is still an impressive tracker at an unbeatable price point.

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