Five ways the sun can boost your health and how much you need to see results – Dr Sarra

Five ways the sun can boost your health and how much you need to see results – Dr Sarra

This Morning: Dr Michael Mosley discusses vitamin D dosage

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Britain is expected to be blanketed in the sun this week as spring officially gets underway. There are many reasons to get out and enjoy the sunny weather, not least because the sun supercharges our health. Most of these benefits are attributed to vitamin D, which the body creates from direct sunlight on the skin when outdoors.

Speaking on ITV’s This Morning, Doctor Sarra explained: “Vitamin D has been implicated in bone health but is also increasingly linked with our immune system.”

According to the TV doc, vitamin D has also been implicated in inflammatory processes so getting out in the sun may benefit those living with autoimmune disorders.

What’s more, the sun is linked to mood by increasing your serotonin levels, she said.

Serotonin is a neurotransmitter (a messenger chemical that carries signals between nerve cells in the brain). It’s thought to have a good influence on mood.

The benefits being out in the sun has on your mood can also be through indirect means.

Doctor Sarra explained: You are also more likely to socialise more and be more active.”

What’s more, being near “blue and green areas” – a benefit the sun brings out – can boost your mood and reduce your blood pressure, she said.

You can therefore directly enjoy the sun and the “aspects” surrounding the sun, doctor Sarra pointed out.

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