Healthy and fit for ideal weight

Healthy and fit for ideal weight

Table of contents

  • Diets make a lot, just not slim
  • Forget About Dieting!
  • A rotation of 180 degrees is sufficient
  • The Secret
  • Expansion of consciousness
  • New Insights
  • How do you start?
  • POWS – What is it?
  • 1. Industrially processed foods (P = processed foods)
  • 2. Oily food (O = oily foods)
  • 3. Isolated and concentrated so-called empty carbohydrates (W = “white”)
  • 4. Sugar (S = Sugar)
  • The Experiment
  • Supervised Diet
  • Healthy weight loss and diet plans create

Diets make a lot, just not slim

Diets you to annoying get rid of extra pounds. It comes with dieting so rare, the slimming willing to be healthier. Diets should lead to weight loss – and on the double.

Diets it is also only a certain amount of time, so just until you reach the dreamed weight, only to return again as quickly as possible those of life and diet, let a be ever first-round and full-bodied.

This leads, as a community, with the well-known yo-yo effect, the pounds, the return to a recently – left in a hurry back to home and usually not alone, but accompanied by other extra pounds.

The result is a person who is not only round, but also sicker and sicker and more and more dissatisfied. Often Overweight ultimately find their salvation only to get psychological when you I-love-me-even-if-I-fat-am-process. However, this solution is neither attractive nor protects you in the long run, certain health risks associated with Obesity.

Forget About Dieting!

So forget diets. Instead, make your life – and do it with enthusiasm! They recognize that their existing diet and way of life made them – outwardly and inwardly – to the people, you are at the moment. If you remain this way of life is true, will not change your appearance.

A rotation of 180 degrees is sufficient

People not only change your Appearance permanently, but also your charisma, people improve your performance and your state of health and also, suddenly, fantastic professional successes, people who once seemed to have grown in the armchair, and now in sport competition, have a secret.

The Secret

The secret is: These people changed themselves, their habits and their views of about 180 degrees. Are you wasting any thought on strange diets.

  • They realized, instead, that a diet, which bring us the food industry, is of benefit not themselves, but the industry. They recognized that the traditional diet, which is classified as “normal” and therefore as a right, or at least as harmless, it is anything but normal and harmless.
  • They realized that, in fact, something much Better deserved.
  • They realized that they fuel the arms industry, cheap food from the discount stores for vital just too bad.

Expansion of consciousness

The secret of this people not by a certain diet, a special pill or else a exceptional Trick. It’s nothing more than an expansion of consciousness. The consequence of a whole new way of, inter alia, in relation to the diet.

The man changed then automatically. As an expansion of consciousness is irreversible, relapses into the former way of life incl. Overweight excluded.

New Insights

Of course, the awareness does not change overnight. This includes Input in the Form of information is needed. You can find this, inter alia, on our side, but also in the relevant literature in the book trade. As you read, identify connections and new insights, change your diet, step-by-step in an optimal and healthy diet.

How do you start?

Easier said than done. How such an optimal and healthy diet looks like in practice? How to learn which foods are good and which are not? How do you know when what foods to eat? How do I know how – food technically – a healthy day?

An optimal and healthy way of eating is based on the following three basic rules:

  • They focus on fresh and unprocessed foods such as vegetables, salads, fruits, nuts, sprouts, herbs, seeds and high quality Oils worked.
  • You drink daily 2.5 to 3 liters of pure carbon dioxide-free source of water.
  • Avoid POWS.

POWS – What is it?

POWS is an abbreviation from the English-speaking world. To belong to the so-called POWS, the following food groups:

1. Industrially processed foods (P = processed foods)

Avoid anything that was processed, and thus not in its natural Form.

For example, the sausage, the finished products of all kinds, bread and bakery goods, snacks, Fast Food, soft drinks, sweets, etc. For products you don’t want to do it yourself, you prefer biological food from the natural food trade, for example, vegetable bread spreads, organic wholemeal bread, organic Würzsossen etc.

2. Oily food (O = oily foods)

Avoid fried food and anything that contains excessive amount of Oil, such as, for example, Chips, peanuts, pastries such as doughnuts, French fries, Ready-made Mayonnaise, etc.

3. Isolated and concentrated so-called empty carbohydrates (W = “white”)

Avoid products that are “white” such as white flour, white bread, white rice (= polished rice),sugar and products made from these “Whites”.

These foods are white because of reasons of Durability of those components would be removed, the Vitality and mineral materials. Left extremely vital carbon highly concentrated carbohydrates with a high glycemic Index, what means that they are suited to nothing so well as to RUB the blood sugar level in the madness.

Select whole-grain bread from an organic bakery, which informs you about the ingredients used and the method of manufacture trusted. Take whole grain pasta and whole grain rice, or better yet, millet and Quinoa.

Instead of sugar, you increase on the 4. mentioned;. Pay attention also to the fact that carbohydrates constitute only a small side dish in an otherwise vegetable-dominated meals.

4. Sugar (S = Sugar)

You not only avoid sugar (as in W = Whites mentioned), but all sugars (incl. brown sugar, cane sugar, fruit sugar, milk sugar, etc.), and sweeteners of all kinds (except Stevia). Don’t Panic! This does not mean that you are going to enjoy from now on, nothing Sweet. If you miss a Sweetener, Stevia (especially for drinks), agave juice (in bulk), and dates (or other dried fruit).

The Experiment

You can test this kind of diet for four weeks. You will drive – without Sport to lose weight (slowly, but permanently). Even better, it is, of course, if you stay always beautiful in motion. They make your day like your diet: be Aware!

What promotes a certain way is extremely the process of change in consciousness, is to Ignore the television. Your life is much to valuable to loose with this – by and Large sense to waste a pastime.

Supervised Diet

You don’t know at the Plethora of rules and tips, where to start? No Problem. An introduction to a healthy surplus base diet offers a Detox. It provides you with a detailed manual with many recipes available, and also offers the opportunity to ask by e-Mail or phone questions.

The word “purification” indicates the effect of the treatment in the first few weeks. During this cure practiced base excess diet is a diet that should be lived in the best case – permanently.

Apart from its purifying and de-acidifying effect of the Detox for healthy tissue structure, balanced nutrients and supply of Vital substances, harmonious digestion and a strong immune system. This diet provides you the ideal conditions for the conversion of that people, the you always wanted to be. It is your Chance! To grab you.

Healthy weight loss and diet plans create

Following the Detox, you can create according to your culinary preferences for a healthy and vital substance-rich diet plan. The two presented below diet plans are base excess and ensure that you lose weight in a healthy way more weight or your achieved ideal weight can hold:

Information on how to create a vegan, but low-carb nutrition plan, you can find here: diet plan – low carb and vegan

Information on how to create a vegan and, of course, at the same time full-fledged diet plan, you can find here: diet plan – wholesome and vegan

And if you need tips on how to get more fruits and vegetables in your diet plan can bring, you will be safe here: More fruits and vegetables in the diet plan or find it here: tips for weight loss

Your training to become a holistic nutritionist

Healthy eating is your passion? You will love the base excess, natural diet? Would you like to understand the connections between our food and our health from a holistic point of view? You want nothing more than all your Knowledge about health and nutrition to your profession?

The Academy of Naturopathy is people like you in 12 to 18 months to technical consultant for holistic health. If you want to know more about the course at the Academy of naturopathy, then you will learn all the Details as well as feedback from current and former participants.