How a 3-Month Sex Fast Helped Save Terry Crews' Marriage

How a 3-Month Sex Fast Helped Save Terry Crews' Marriage

Everyone wants to know what it takes to look like Terry Crews, but the Brooklyn Nine-Nine actor wants to talk about how he achieved a very different feat: entering recovery for porn addiction.

The 50-year-old actor and Men’s Health cover star hasn’t shied away from publicly discussing the issue. In 2016, Crews revealed in a Facebook post that had once entered rehab to treat addiction after wife Rebecca King-Crews threatened to leave. Now, Crews explains to Men’s Health exactly how he sought help for his addiction. The first step involved a true desire to change.

“There are people who revel in the problem,” he says. “I could revel in who I was, but I had to sit down and go, ‘What do I do about this? What do I have to do to change?'”

Ultimately, Crews entered rehab, where one of the treatments involved abstaining from sex with his wife for three months.

He admits to breaking the fast after 75 days. The couple completed a full three months the following year when they repeated the abstinence phase. It sounds extreme, but Crews believes this helped him with his porn addiction. According to Crews’ Facebook video, watching porn had desensitized him to human connection.

“People become objects. People become body parts; they become things to be used rather than people to be loved,” he says in the video.

Foregoing sex completely allowed Crews to genuinely appreciate his wife’s company.

“You have to tell your body no. ‘No. We’re not gonna do that, ‘” he says. “The first couple [of] weeks, three weeks, you’re like, ‘Oh my god.’ And then all of a sudden you’re in a whole other zone.”

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