How meat causes cancer

How meat causes cancer

Meat increases the risk of cancer

The consumption of – in particular, red meat is placed for a long time in connection with various health problems such as cancer.

That sausage and other processed meat products to the cancer-causing food, is considered to be proven.

Particularly colon and stomach cancers occur more frequently if you like to eat and often meat products. As well as lung and liver cancer.

As the cause of carcinogenic nitrosamines, which can develop preferably made of the cured meats available nitrite. Other potential problem substances in meat and meat products, we had discussed here:

Cancer due to meat consumption

Prof. Ajit Varki and his Team from theUniversity of California, San Diego School of Medicinehave now a further potentially cancer-causing substance in the flesh.

Carcinogenic: A carbohydrate in the meat

Red meat contains a carbohydrate called Neu5Gc. This carbohydrate is found in most animal organisms, but not in the human body. The California researchers suggest that Neu5Gc for increasing risk of cancer could be due to consumption of meat is responsible.

In their study, special mice were used that do not have Neu5Gc in the body – just like people – and their organisms are, therefore, similar to human body on the carbohydrate.

The animals received beef, pork and lamb. These meats are known to contain a lot of Neu5Gc.

Now, it showed that the Neu5Gc is transported via the bloodstream to the tissues where it is deposited – with adverse consequences, such as the course of the study, showed.

Although the mice were not exposed to other cancer triggers, many of them developed after the consumption of Neu5Gc-containing meat in a spontaneous liver tumors.

The liver is an Organ in which Neu5Gc is deposited preferably. The there in the course of the study resulting tumors contained demonstrably Neu5Gc.

Overall, the cancer risk was increased five-fold in comparison to a Neu5Gc-free diet.

Meat promotes chronic inflammation

Prof. Varki and his colleagues explain that the organism identifies the Neu5Gc as a foreign body and as an immune response antibodies against it.

The next time the consumption of meat, the immune system recognises the foreign body. It comes to the re-formation of antibodies i.e. immune response and inflammation.

If now, for many people, almost daily, meat-containing dishes end up on the plate, develop rapidly imperceptible, but chronic systemic inflammation. “Systemic” means The entire body concerning.

Inflammation, however, circulating throughout the body, can have long term very negative consequences for the health. So you not only solve, as in this study, cancer.

Also the development of arteriosclerosis and type of diabetes 2 can be inflammation the result of chronic. Most likely the regular consumption of Neu5Gc, so the meat plays in these diseases, a causal role.

Fatty liver through meat

A fatty liver will in the meantime also linked with meat consumption. In the year 2017, say researchers from the Rotterdam Study, have shown that the likelihood of a fatty liver to develop, the larger it was, the more meat and other animal protein sources, the Affected to. If you prefer, however, vegetable-fed, had a significantly lower risk of developing a disease, per a fatty liver. Just the presence of a fatty liver, however, can increase significantly the risk of developing Diabetes. Meat seems to be able to lead in various ways Diabetes on the one hand, by increasing of inflammation values and on the other hand, the fatty liver.

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