Jenna Jameson Shares Her Higher-Calorie Keto Meal Plan After Losing 80 Lbs.: ‘Hope This Helps!’

Jenna Jameson Shares Her Higher-Calorie Keto Meal Plan After Losing 80 Lbs.: ‘Hope This Helps!’

Jenna Jameson already hit her weight loss goal, but she’s still sticking with the keto diet.

After losing around 80 lbs. on the high-fat, low-carb plan, Jameson is now eating more calories to keep her body at her current size, and to stop losing weight.

“I am in maintenance mode now so I have upped my calories,” the former adult film star, 44, wrote on Instagram.

And Jameson shared her updated meal plan with what she now eats on her higher-calorie version of keto, adding that the main difference is that she’s enjoying larger portion sizes.

Because she’s also doing intermittent fasting, and waits until mid-day to eat her first meal, Jameson starts her mornings with “two cups of coffee with stevia and sugar free creamer. Then I wait until I get hungry.”

Once that happens, the mom of three opts for her “bomblette” — two eggs cooked in a bed of shredded cheese to look like an omelette.

Jameson said that she then puts her daughter Batel, 21 months, down for a nap while she works, and eats again when she wakes up.

“Lately I have been loving making a tender white fish baked in the oven in butter with garlic,” she said. “… I pair that with a arugula salad with olive oil and a touch of vinegar or my savage cabbage” — her recipe for roasted cabbage.

“For my last meal before my fast I am loving my ‘Beastie Bolognese’ “ — her version of pasta with meat sauce, but sans the pasta. “I eat it like chili!!!!”

After that meal, Jameson goes back to intermittent fasting “around 6 p.m.”

“During my fast I allow myself ‘nana’ which is a Moroccan mint tea. Fresh mint leaves and hot water. Then I go to bed! Hope this helps you guys!”

Jameson famously started the keto diet in March 2018 as a last-ditch effort to lose the baby weight that stuck around after she gave birth to Batel in April 2017.

She hit her goal weight of 125 lbs. in September, and said that she would start adding calories.

“Since I’m at my goal weight (125) I don’t want to lose more, so I’m upping my calories from my usual #ketodiet,” she wrote on Instagram. “But LISTEN TO ME, I am not saying to myself… ‘it’s ok to eat garbage processed nastiness!’ I am sticking to yummy organic fresh foods. I’m just allowing myself room.”

Along with dropping a huge amount of weight, Jameson said in December that her overall health drastically improved with keto.

“Not only has my face changed from weight loss, but eating whole foods and next to zero processed foods has made my skin better,” she said. “Less puffiness, we all can go for that! Even better, my joints don’t ache anymore. It’s as if I’ve turned back the clock.”

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