Jillian Michaels' Anti-CrossFit Stance Is Sparking Controversy

Jillian Michaels' Anti-CrossFit Stance Is Sparking Controversy

Jillian Michaels is a powerhouse. She is an author, personal trainer, television personality and all-around fitness guru — one who knows how to get results, and get things done. But when it comes to exercise, there is one thing Michaels wishes you wouldn’t do: CrossFit. Despite its popularity, the workout program may not be as “challenging” as you believe.

Michaels explained her reasoning in a video for Shape. “My issues with CrossFit are as follows: First of all, you’ve got what? Twenty to 25 movements that don’t really vary? And you’re doing them over and over and over again. So on one hand it stops being effective because you’re not challenging the body from various angles of push and pull, with different varieties of exercises and different types of movements that work different modalities,” Michaels said. “And I know CrossFit [athletes will say] — ‘Oh, we work all the modalities!’ — but no, not really.”

Instead, Michaels suggests you “choose a workout that has a little bit more flexibility and strength… [do] a little agility work, maybe some endurance training, so that you’re training in a more balanced way.”

Of course, Michaels is aware that her stance is an unpopular one. “I know this is going to make so many people pissed off,” she said. But the fitness trainer has a valid point: Balance is key.

This isn’t the first time Michaels has voiced her disdain over a popular diet or exercise program. Just last month, Michaels, Al Roker and Andy Cohen got into a social media spat over the “benefits” of the keto diet. But Michaels tackles these controversial topics because she genuinely cares about health, and whether you agree with her or not, you’ve got to respect her for taking a stand.

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