Jo Whiley health: Radio 2 DJ’s ‘most important thing’ to tackle ‘annoying’ condition

Jo Whiley health: Radio 2 DJ’s ‘most important thing’ to tackle ‘annoying’ condition

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Jo spoke about the importance of exercise for improving her health after experiencing a number of health issues. She discussed her issues with curvature of the spine and osteoarthritis.

The DJ told “I’d say swimming is one of the most important things that I do in terms of helping my back and also my general fitness.

“All the aches and pains and things I’m feeling, I just know that if I get in the water then by the end of it, I’ll feel much looser and much more supple.

“I will always, always try and find somewhere for a swim wherever I go.

“If I’m working away anywhere, or I’ve got the day in London and a couple of hours, I will have my costume and google so that I can find a local pool. I’ll just get in the water and that helps everything.

“I do get quite a lot of pain in my joints, which is very annoying, but I could see it coming. My grandma had osteoarthritis, my mum has it, like my auntie, my dad’s got rheumatoid arthritis.

“I know those things were probably coming my way, so I what I can to try and stave off it.

“There are worse things that can be hereditary or affect your life. So you just have to accept it and do what you can and just get on with life really.”

Jo is focused on improving her flexibility to support her spine and increase her ability to move.

“I am not very supple and flexible,” she said, “but I always take the opportunity to try and stretch the when we’re watching television.

“I’ll be there doing glute stretches or stretching my arms. Stretching is incredibly important.”

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Jo tries to combine activities to boost her fitness and praises the proliferation of digital fitness tools like apps and YouTube videos to help increase strength, flexibility, and health

“It’s not just doing one thing, it’s trying to do two things at the same time, to tick different boxes,” Jo said. “We’re lucky now because we’ve got YouTube and so many apps and things that you can follow.

“You don’t have to wear the clothes to make the journey to the gym. You can do it in your bedroom or in your living room, wherever you are. You can just do it instantly so you get the benefits straight away.”

Jo went on: “The essence of this message is about looking after your body. Start young and try to keep yourself fit. But then, also, it’s not too late.

“If you’ve not ever done exercise in the past, and if you’re slightly older, you can start you will feel the benefit. You’ll feel a lot happier. You will make changes in your body. It’s never too late to start doing an exercise for whatever reason.”

Jo also touched on the mental benefits of exercise. She said: “On those days when you wake up and you just don’t have any energy or you feel things a little bit overwhelming.

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“I 100 percent know that if I walk out the front door, if I open the windows, if I just take a deep breath and get some fresh air inside me, if I go for a walk or run, I know that my head will clear. It’s a no-brainer.

“It helps me enormously and I can see it with my kids and other family members as well.

“It’s been a really fascinating thing growing up with the boys. They’ve discovered for themselves when they’ve had a night out and they’ve been drinking and they wake up in the morning feeling miserable.

“They know the thing that will change it is if they go out and go to the gym.

“It’s really heartening for me to actually see it with my own eyes.

“They’ve actually found themselves, being more energetic will stop you being lethargic, which can make you feel miserable.”

AXA Health is highlighting the importance of health in its new campaign. It’s installing three huge table lamps fitted with SAD bulbs to help alleviate the winter blues and provide a little Feelgood sunshine.

AXA is offering free hot drinks, refillable water bottles and yoga mats at Kings Cross station.

Jo told “I like working with AXA because it feels like now more than ever, mental health and physical health is important.

“Sometimes people can be a bit daunted when they see people doing extreme sports and really incredible feats. It feels a bit unobtainable.

“So this campaign really spoke to me because it was about making a difference to your health and happiness by doing the tiniest, small changes that anybody and everybody can do.

“It’s about finding enjoyment in being active, and I just thought that made an awful lot of sense.”

AXA Health will be travelling across the UK encouraging people to try a little Feelgood Health, starting with King’s Cross in London (24-25 Feb) and then onto Springfields Square in Manchester (27-28 Feb) and Fort Shopping Centre in Glasgow (3-4 March).

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