London Marathon 2019: Fitness expert reveals five easy steps to success

London Marathon 2019: Fitness expert reveals five easy steps to success

Thousands of people will be pounding the pavements for the London Marathon in the capital tomorrow morning.

The run, which is a whopping 26.2 miles, would have needed weeks or even months of preparation.

If you’re taking part in the marathon, you might find these five steps useful.

We spoke to David Wiener, a training specialist at leading fitness app Freeletics, who shared his steps for marathon success.

“Hours of rain can also make for an extremely unpleasant marathon”

David Wiener

Step 1: Keep an eye on the weather and dress accordingly

Be sure to check the weather forecast before the race so you can dress appropriately.

Do not just assume that the forecast is correct and be sure to prepare for the warmest temperature that it predicts, as well as the coldest.

David told Daily Star Online: “Hours of rain can also make for an extremely unpleasant marathon, so make sure you wear clothing that will not become heavy and weigh you down once it gets wet.

“Sunglasses and waterproof sunscreen are a necessity in the heat, while a hat or visor to protect your face is also a good idea.”

Step 2: Know your pre-race warm-up

The warm-up for a marathon starts hours before you cross the starting line.

You should wake up at least two and a half hours prior to the race to ensure you feel prepared and ready to get going.

And you should not be going too hard on your warm-up, as the main goal is to get blood and oxygen flowing through the muscles.

Not only will this get your body ready to begin the race, but it will also put you in a good head space.

It is also important to acknowledge that many runners will have a different strategy for their warm-up, so you should stick to your own routine.

Step 3: Prepare your clothing and invest in good quality, technical kit

Comfort is key when it comes to race day attire, so make sure you’ve chosen good quality clothing which can also boost your performance and aid recovery.

David claims you’re likely to wake up feeling nervous and the last thing you want is to feel rushed.

He suggests you have prepared everything you will need on the day, to ensure that there are no last minute stresses.

On the night before the race, lay out your entire outfit, so that when you wake up there is one less thing to worry about.

Step 4: Get plenty of rest

The night before the race, most people do not sleep well, this should not throw you off.

David said: “One sleepless night is not going to hinder your performance.

“However, this is why it is important that you stock up on plenty of sleep in the build up to the big day.

“Sleep is a form of training, and you need to incorporate it into your plan just like you would any other strategy.”

Step 5: Have a post-marathon recovery strategy

“As soon as the marathon finishes, you’re going to want to crash to the floor,” David said.

He explained: “Try with all the last remaining strength you have to do a little walk or jog afterwards just to keep your muscles moving and prevent them cramping up.

“I also recommend taking a blanket if they offer it to you at the finish line, as your body might go into shock at the end of the race and you may suddenly feel very cold.”

So don’t feel guilty if your legs are struggling, recovery time is as important as training.

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