Lose weight while watching TV: How many calories you burn in a horror movie

Lose weight while watching TV: How many calories you burn in a horror movie

When dieting, it is known: in addition to a healthy diet in a disciplined sports programme is important. Lazy sitting on the Couch and a movie don’t look that fits into the concept – or is it?

A study by the University of Westminster has found out: horror movies burn calories, reported the English newspaper ‘The Telegraph’.

Calories killer in horror movies

Goosebumps all over my body, the pulse beating, the adrenaline shoots in the veins – there are these moments during a horror film, which increase the metabolism in the amount.

And thus, calories are burned. Movies that contain particularly many so-called ‘Jumpscares’, so moments will be frightened in which the viewer suddenly, are especially effective, the researchers say.

In addition, the appetite is inhibited by the increased level of stress.

To find out, measure the researchers led by Dr. Richard Mackenzie of the pulse, the oxygen consumption and the CO2 emissions of ten subjects who watched different horror movies, and the calculated energy consumption.

These horror movies burn very many calories

On the basis of this data, you could then make a list with movies set-up, consume as many calories.

In the bloody Horror-Thriller ‘Saw’ it to the 133 calories, the classic ‘Alien’ can top the with 152 calories, viewers of ‘The Exorcist’ will be pleased and 158, and the audience of ‘The white shark’ about 161 calories burned.

The winner is a prize-winning classics: The 1980, published in psychological Thriller ‘the Shining’ by Stanley Kubrick won with 184 weggegruselten calories the top spot.

That is to say now, so goodbye diet plan and fitness program? Anyone who wants to lose a few Kilos, you can movie just one long horror Marathon to run instead of a? It’s not that simple, unfortunately.

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Slimming, thanks to horror movies? It’s not that simple

Slim look – unfortunately, this is too good to be true. Because at a closer Look you will notice: The calories burned in a horror film correspond to just those of a small chocolate bar.

On sports and a healthy diet can not be avoided still.

Be nibbled during an evening of TV, in addition, Chips or Nachos and Popcorn will be eaten in the cinema, is because of the effect also.

However, The next horror movie night is likely to make the Knowledge about the few extra calories maybe a bit more fun.

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