Mega-study on grants with the Gene myth: these are the factors for a long life

Mega-study on grants with the Gene myth: these are the factors for a long life

How old we are, depends to less than ten percent of the genes – much less than previously assumed. An analysis of 400 million data explains how the mistake could arise, and says, what really matters.

People whose parents or grandparents were very old, often even a long life – after all, you have inherited the good genes. However, this genetic material uses only a little. Because of the direct role of genes on the life span is just seven percent. The crucial factors that influence life-style and environmental conditions.

Not only in the population, the Belief is widespread at old age due to good genes. Also, science has overestimated the importance of genes. With 15 to 30 percent would be the impact of the genes on the individual life, was the previous Credo.

Importance of genes for life expectancy subordinate

The new assessment was the result of the analysis of a huge data set of 400 million people. The private, Google, Inc. based Biotech company Calico Life Sciences was able to draw on anonymised family trees of genealogy research and enjoyment of the Ancestry. There, the family trees of 54 million people and six billion ancestors are stored.

Graham, Ruby of Galico led the study, which has now been published in the journal of the Genetics Society of America. He says: “The genes tell us very much about the biology of aging. The life is not one of them, apparently.“

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Similar life-time of the pairs is based the style on a common of Life

In families, yet have very similar lifetimes were observed, especially in the case of married couples, has a different explanation than inheritance: A similar Lifestyle and the same environmental factors lead to the age reached equalizes. Married couples can therefore achieve even a more similar life than, for example, siblings of different sex.

What the researchers are amazed even more, was the Similarity of the lifetime in the case of non-blood related family members not living in the same household. As a reason, you see that mostly partners with similar characteristics, similar income level, similar education, similar to health care, also have similar biological requirements. Biologists speak of the “assortativer pairing”.

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Socio-cultural factors are inherited

To Ruby and his Team explain: “socio-cultural factors that affect the life, passed on within families, and are divided as genetic factors.”

The genes for longevity of the 100-year-old great Grandma, we can’t leave us. On the other hand, this also means that we will have it for the most part, even in the Hand, to live so that old age is possible.

These are the most important factors for longevity:

  • Movement

Movement, the non-stop growing older, is considered today as a Central point for longevity. Researchers suggest that sports and exercise inflammation, inhibit responses, and to help oxidative Stress in the cells to reduce. To do this, the psychological effect of sports success experiences.

  • Diet

Healthy and balanced eating, who wants to be old. A model could be the inhabitants of the Japanese island of Okinawa. Most of the centenarians in the world live. Their meals consist of density of low calorie foods with high nutrient. That means every day a lot of vegetables, soya beans, fruit, fresh fish and low-fat meat.

  • No Smoking and little Alcoholl

Smoking is considered the single largest risk factor for the cardiovascular system and almost all types of cancer. Therefore, ten years less than a non-Smoking life to a smoker in the cut.

In the case of alcohol, the study location is less clear. Moderate consumption is considered to be harmless to healthy. Regular, higher consumer costs, up to a period of five years to life – not least, because the liver is damaged.

  • Social Contacts

Anyone who has a family or a circle of friends, increases its chances of living a long life. Who also takes care of others, be it grandchildren or members of the Association, will do likewise. The factor “caring and social involvement” has not only a mental component, but also a physical one: the physical Fitness of grandparents to the care of grandchildren.