Scaly skin from psoriasis could flare up if gut microbiome isn’t right

Scaly skin from psoriasis could flare up if gut microbiome isn’t right

Dermatologists explain the 'devastating' impact of psoriasis

Dr Catherine O’Neill, Chief Science Officer at AxisBiotix spoke to about the connection between the gut microbiome and psoriasis.

The gut microbiome refers to the collection of millions of microbes that live inside our intestinal tract.

She explained: “Bacteria play a supportive role within the gut, strengthening the gut barrier, aiding digestion, and creating essential molecules and vitamins that the body cannot otherwise produce.”

Dr O’Neill added: “In fact, the gut immune system has 70 to 80 percent of the body’s immune cells.”

There is a “gut-skin axis”, meaning the gut can have a “significant impact” on other parts of the body, such as the skin. Thus, Dr O’Neill believes that skin conditions could be affected by the gut microbiome.

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Dr O’Neill said: “Research shows that a healthy balance of gut bacteria is required for optimal skin health, creating metabolic and immune homeostasis.

“More research points to how gut microbiome changes have been linked with exacerbating inflammatory skin diseases such as eczema, psoriasis, and more.”

As psoriasis is an inflammatory disease, people who have the condition would likely benefit from pro and prebiotics.

“Trying a live bacteria food supplement to boost gut health,” advised De O’Neill.

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“Introducing a food supplement such as AxisBiotix-Ps can help to support positive changes in skin health.

“Through consuming the unique blend of four types of bacteria in a glass of water, and taking each day, AxisBiotix-Ps can help to alleviate symptoms and work towards clearer skin, naturally.”

Psoriasis is regarded as a complex skin condition, thus there is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to treatments.

People who have the condition will have their own unique triggers and severity of symptoms.

Yet, while you may not be able to eliminate flare-ups entirely, you can take steps to manage and reduce its frequency and severity.

Top tips include managing stress, maintaining good skin care, and adopting a healthy lifestyle.

“Current knowledge suggests that alcohol, and smoking, should be avoided in order to prevent the worsening of disease,” said O’Neill.

Even those who lead a healthy lifestyle could be susceptible to flare-ups due to a genetic predisposition for the condition.

However, by adhering to Dr O’Neill’s advice you can lower the severity of symptoms, which includes scaly skin.

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