Slimming: colon help bacteria weight loss

Slimming: colon help bacteria weight loss

In a healthy gut is home to trillions of bacteria. These small organisms have a large influence on whether or not we tend to be Overweight or not. The reason is that The bacteria are an important factor for the utilization of our food.

So the gut bacteria are too Thick or slender creators

The U.S. microbiologist Jeffrey Gordon has supplied with his Attempt to important insights, such as bacteria, our body weight can affect. First of all, he was looking for female twins, of which one sister is slim, the other was overweight.

Of these subjects, he transferred the gut bacteria in mice and observed that Those animals that received bacteria from the obese twins were more than those of mice, the bacteria from the lean twins got. And, although both populations of Mice were fed.

Under intestinal experts, one of which is the long-standing FIT FOR FUN-expert and specialist Dr Michaela Axt Gadermann, know today that bacteria can cause strains, such as the “Firmicutes” an increase in weight, because they ensure that we dispose of ingested food optimally. However, there are other strains of bacteria, for example, “bacteroidetes fractions increased”, which have exactly the opposite effect.

So, you can affect your intestinal flora

Dr. Michaela Axt-Gadermann points out in her book, “Lean in the intestine”, and you can even influence its intestinal flora. Positive is the inclusion of probiotic bacteria have a direct impact on, for example, used in yogurt.

The growth of desired intestinal bacteria promote, in turn, so-called prebiotics, i.e. non-digestible food components, such as are found in asparagus, garlic, and legumes. With a customized diet you can give its digestion and thus the weight of a thrust in the desired direction.

By the way: this is Also a positive influence on the intestinal flora movement has, according to recent findings. This contributes not only directly to the calorie burning, but also on the detour via the intestinal!

A Darmkur alone is not keeps you slim

Those who go out, after all, only the "richtige" Intestinal flora can make a slim or keep is wrong, of course. But there is in addition to the active intestinal bacteria, some of the other helpers, to stimulate the metabolism: movement, our 14 top fat burner food, and Yes, even if it is unusual it sounds, the right level of relaxation.

The all-important factor that determines our weight, is and remains, however: anyone Who takes in more calories than he burns.

Olivia Samnick

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