Smoking ban in cars: NRW makes for strong Federal bill

Smoking ban in cars: NRW makes for strong Federal bill

The Front for a nationwide ban on Smoking in cars when minors or Pregnant passenger. Also in North Rhine-Westphalia is now pressure on the Federal government. In a joint request, with the CDU/FDP-government groups and the Opposition from the SPD and the Greens are calling on the state government, through the Federal Council a bill for a corresponding ban on Smoking.

The common application is on Thursday the topic in the NRW state Parliament. The Minister of health of the countries had in the past, the Federal government prompted a nationwide ban on Smoking in vehicles with Minors and Pregnant women as Passengers.

Worldwide, over 166,000 children die each year from the effects of passive Smoking, – stated in the application. The German cancer research center estimate that approximately one Million minors are exposed to tobacco smoke in the car year in Germany.

Lung damage, Asthma, high blood pressure

A consequence of passive Smoking for children can be a massive health and damage to the still-developing lungs and Airways.
Asthma-diseases can worsen, and the blood pressure may increase. Doctors diagnosed also at an increased risk for attention disorders, Obesity, and Diabetes II, it is stated in the application. In infants, the risk of sudden death increases.

According to a survey, 71 percent of Germans are in favour of a ban on Smoking in the car. Approximately two-thirds of the respondents smoke called smokers. Countries such as the UK, Italy, Greece or France, but also South Africa and Australia, have already introduced Smoking bans in cars when minors are passengers.