Suze Orman Says Her Spinal Surgery for a Rare Tumor Was ‘a Journey to Hell and Back’

Suze Orman Says Her Spinal Surgery for a Rare Tumor Was ‘a Journey to Hell and Back’

After more than 10 hours in the operating room, the approximately 20-person medical team was able to remove the entire tumor. Orman showed immediate improvement.

The night after surgery, Orman was giving financial advice and money lessons to the nurses and staff.

“All through the night,” Travis says. “All night long, she had people sitting in the room with her, asking them questions, and giving them financial advice. It was extraordinary.”

Now recovering in her south Florida beach home, Orman is isolating with her wife.

Twice a day, she does a 20-minute series of physical therapy exercises sent by her medical team in Boston to help her regain strength and balance.

“None of my patients have approached recovery with more grit and persistence than Suze Orman,” Groff says. “She’ll continue to get better and better. Suze is a remarkable person. She’s already made tremendous strides in her recovery. I think she’ll get back to normal.”

In the meantime, she’s resting, healing and planning for her future.

“I’m making a lot of changes in my life and my money. I’m going to put it toward the women doctors that want to help women,” Orman says. “I have a whole different perspective on things.”

Most importantly, she vows to not ignore her health again.

“Suze learned a huge lesson: and that lesson is when your body speaks to you, listen,” Travis says. “Suze always spent her life taking care of everybody else. She takes care of millions of strangers. She takes care of me. She takes care of our family. She’s always, always putting people first. That’s her credo: People first, then money, then things. Now I think she’s learned that she needs to listen to her own body. It was shouting at her."

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