The correct way to properly clean your penis, according to experts

The correct way to properly clean your penis, according to experts

Ensuring our bodies are thoroughly washed is a vital part of staying healthy – and keeping our intimate areas clean is especially important. 

However – much like some people previously admitted to never washing their legs in the shower – the penis can be another area that some individuals neglect.

Dr Kandi Aro stresses it’s crucial that people know how to clean their penis properly, in order to prevent infections and irritations from developing. 

These are some important things to remember – according to healthcare experts. 

Clean daily

‘Your penis should be cleaned daily,’ explains Kandi.

‘If you have foreskin, it should be gently pulled back to under the head of the penis, and the penis should be gently cleansed with water and/or a very mild non-fragranced soap.’

Dr. Dmitry Loktionov, and co-founder of Quanna, stresses the penis should be cleaned daily – whether you have a foreskin or not.

He tells ‘The penis, like any genital and private areas, needs to be cleaned every day to avoid any irritation/inflammation or infection.

‘It applies to both men, who have and don’t have foreskin but it’s especially important to those who have foreskin as there is more chance of infection in those men.

‘If you have foreskin, gently use your hand to retract it. Make sure you don’t use too much force as it might cause an injury. Make sure you clean the gland (head of the penis) and all around it to avoid missing the spot on the other side.’

Dry thoroughly

‘It’s important to gently pat your penis dry afterwards to prevent moist and damp, as fungus thrives under these conditions,’ explains Kandi.

‘Ensure to replace the foreskin, if present, before putting your underwear back on.’

Dmitry also suggests air drying – rather than being heavy-handed with a towel. 

‘I always recommend air drying, as using a towel might be a little more sensitive,’ he continues.

‘So just leave the foreskin open if you have it and let it dry. It won’t take too long. If you are in the rush, then just gently pat the penis dry.’

Be wary of smegma build up 

Improper cleaning of the penis can lead to a build-up of smegma, says Kandi.

For those not clued-up on what this is, Kandi explains in a little more detail.

‘Smegma is an otherwise natural lubricant found around the penis, but when it builds up it can become a breeding site for bacteria and start to smell and reduce the movement of the foreskin,’ she says.

‘Build-up of smegma can lead to balanitis, which is inflammation of the head of the penis, in which the head becomes sore, red and swollen. Infections like thrush, irritations from incorrect products and skin conditions can lead to balanitis.

‘Remember that over-washing of the penis, scrubbing and the use of strong products can also lead to irritation and soreness.’

The main things to be conscious of:

Dmitry says it’s important to remember these key things:

  • Never use irritants on your penis – such a colognes, moisturisers or deodorants.
  • Wash daily and make sure you wash from all angles.
  • Don’t pull the foreskin too hard – be gentle.
  • Let it air dry or pat gently with the towel. Do not rub too hard.
  • If you notice any irritation/inflammation or infection speak to your GP. It’s better to address it early rather than waiting for infection to get worse.

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