The Secret To An Angela Bassett Physique

The Secret To An Angela Bassett Physique

Angela Bassett is the perfect replica of “black don’t crack” because even at age 60, yes you read that right! she is stunning, gorgeous and in the best shape of her life. The actress has a fitness regime that is past outstanding and has helped her to keep control of how she looks and feels. With starring roles in movies such as What’s Love Got To Do With It and screen appearances in the American Horror Story series and Black Panther, Bassett is obviously envied by many women around the world. But don’t worry, the secret to the sleek image she portrays is quite simple and can be followed if you are persistent.    

On any given day, Angela’s schedule is pretty hectic but she still finds the time to stick to her diet and her workout plan. She has a set regime to walk an estimated 3-mile each morning with her friends (commitment is needed!), and also following a strict diet which she says has a huge impact on her. Having a flexible food plan and making it interesting is what Bassett loves most as her choices include tasty and passionate food. Going organic makes you eat better and much more comfortable. How about fish and potato…think you could manage a lot of that?    

The Black Panther Star has a light yet effective plan of simple arm workouts with little weight lifting and much repetition. Planks are what the actress starts her routine with to work the shoulders as well as with push-up style. She also does regular jump squats, which works the whole body for roughly 10-15 minutes and rest intervals for 2-3 minutes. Her structure also includes step-ups with knee raise to work on hamstrings and abs which is done in sets of 15 for each leg.    

Standing sidekicks are also a strengthener for the actress that helps in molding her firm touch and beautiful structure. However, with all of this, add lots of vegetables, carbs and lean protein (thus her potato and fish diet). To carry off the final look, take care of your skin with natural products for moisture and tender touch.    

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