These Changemakers Are the Definition of Inspiring

These Changemakers Are the Definition of Inspiring

On Jan. 24, content creators and influencers from around the country will gather at Hudson Loft in downtown Los Angeles for SHE Media’s #BlogHer Health 2019 conference. The two-day event is slated to be packed with celebrity speakers like Alyssa Milano and Jaime King, content workshops and more, but we’re kicking things off with our 2019 Voices of the Year (VOTY) awards. This year’s awards, presented by SHE Media CEO Samantha Skey, celebrate some of the most amazing, dynamic, authoritative and influential voices in the public health space and beyond.

But the VOTY awards are about more than just plaques or trophies. They are one of the many ways SHE Media recognizes influencers and social advocates whose work deserves more media attention. Like VOTY winners from previous BlogHer events, this year’s VOTY recipients come from various backgrounds — one is a filmmaker, one is an author, and several are activists — but they are all advocating for equal rights, social justice and progressive change.

So, who are they? Find the complete list below, and watch the video above to learn more about this incredible group of honorees.

  • Aja Brown, mayor of Compton, California
  • Amy Stanton, coauthor of The Feminine Revolution
  • Amy Ziering, filmmaker and documentarian
  • Ana Fuentes, mother, survivor and activist
  • Corey Rae, transgender activist, model and writer
  • Edna Chavez, March for Our Lives youth advocate
  • Jameela Jamil, actor and founder of I Weigh
  • Jenny Belin, artist
  • Jordyn Wieber, gymnast, Olympian and sexual assault activist
  • Melanie Santos, creator of
  • Sarah Jones, writer and performer

Congratulations to all the 2019 Voices of the Year award winners!

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