To Obesity study: Overtime make you fat

To Obesity study: Overtime make you fat

A study Obesity brings a connection between Overtime and increased BMI to the light of day. In addition to Stress and lack of rest, researchers warn of a tangible danger that is caused by Overtime: weight gain. Scientists from Finland, Sweden and Belgium have been evaluated in previous studies with over 120,000 participants. The analysis is, in particular, people with normal weight to think, the more likely to work Overtime. You have, according to the science at an increased risk, to be thick of learning – and all potential health risks such as type 2 Diabetes and cardiovascular disease. (Also read: Who does not drink alcohol, you die earlier.)

To Overweight study, and Overtime

The researchers analyzed 19 studies from Europe, the USA and Australia with a view to a possible connection between Overtime and changes in Body Mass Index. Including two studies with data from Germany. The Team led by Marianna Virtanen of the Stockholm University, and the University of Eastern Finland presented his results in the journal “International Journal of Obesity”. The article also appeared on the website of the leading science magazine “Nature”. (Also read: calorie bomb the Christmas market – you should not eat better.)

The analysis identified a connection between long working hours and a slightly increased risk to be Overweight to Normal – is. Interesting: In the case of already overweight people Overtime have not led to obesity. The researchers studied the data of 122.078 participants. Around half (61.143 people) was initially not overweight or obese. Every fifth of them (20.2%) fell in the next check-up (on average after 4.4 years), in contrast, already in the category of Overweight/obesity.

A lot of work can damage health

The researchers considered in their evaluation, according to the article, possible reasons for weight gain such as Smoking, chronic diseases, and depressive symptoms. Also the age, gender and socio-economic Status of the participants had been involved. In the end, the researchers came to the conclusion that Overtime in weight gain play a significant role – even if the risk was classified as low. As a Overtime a weekly working time was defined as 41 hours. As overweight people have a BMI between 25.0 and 29.9.

But why increase long work for normal weight people, the risk, dick? Since the researchers could only speculate to a great extent. You referenced in the summary of your results on the negative effects of Stress. The long Sitting and the lack of leisure time for Sport, as well as changes in eating habits were the factors, therefore, more obvious risk.

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