US-study: Extend coffee and alcohol for a life?

US-study: Extend coffee and alcohol for a life?

We all wish for a long and healthy life. But what can we do to reach the high age? Discipline and sacrifice is the widespread Credo.

In other words: sports and a balanced diet are a must. Especially alcohol or coffee should be banned.

Or we can get hung without a bad Conscience of our vices? Yes, we should – at least, if Irvine goes, according to a recent study by the University of California.

Because the came to the conclusion that Moderate coffee and alcohol consumption for health in old age, even beneficial.

Detailed study with more than 90-Year-old

In 2003, the team of researchers from the University of California-Irvine, the study ‘The 90 ‘, in which over 1600 people took part in the high age part started.

The aim of the study: The researchers wanted to find out which factors have a positive influence on a long life.

For this, they searched for similarities in the way of life of the people who were over 90 years old. It was the largest study in this age group. The results brought Amazing to light.

Coffee and alcohol – the secret to a long life?

People who have a Cup of coffee or a glass of alcohol indulged in regularly reached the high age of over 90 years than those who practiced these two drinks in complete abstinence.

The two tobacco thus seem to have a positive impact on the health and thus a long life.

Who now, however, full of joy in the next full noise or liters of drinking coffee is likely to make the health-promoting effect of the two substances at issue.

Because the formula is, as with so many beautiful things in life: Please, only in moderation!

The team of researchers from the University of California-Irvine stresses, namely, only the moderate (!) Consumption of coffee and alcohol promotes a long and healthy life.

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