What can be behind chronic cough

What can be behind chronic cough

If the cough just will not quit, the root cause is not always in the lungs or in the respiratory tract. Heartburn or inflammation in the nose and throat can trigger a cough. The German society for pneumology and respiratory medicine points out in an updated guideline for the diagnosis and treatment of cough in adults.

Cough occurs as a Symptom of a cold or the flu and improve usually after two weeks. In rare cases, a cough may persist for three to eight weeks, for example, if the Patient has whooping cough is ill.

He stops, however, eight weeks, or longer, should be clarified the cause in further studies, advises Dr. med. Peter Kardos from the pulmonary practice at the clinic Maingau in Frankfurt am Main: "Using lung function tests and x-rays can detect serious diseases such as a Tumor or a chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), or excluded." Sometimes, the cause of the cough is in a hypersensitive cough reflex. Then even weak stimuli can trigger the Affected person to cough This can happen when the upper respiratory tract are irritated, for example by an inflammation of the nose and the sinuses. "This, jointly with the throat, nose and ears detected the doctor and treated werden", Kardos, the spring has worked a leader in the guideline of the DGP stated.

Also heartburn cough can cause: heartburn is very common, according to Kardos, every second Patient reported heartburn, when his doctor asks for it. The ascending gastric juice may also cause chronic cough, but only if the cough reflex is hypersensitive. While the heartburn itself can be treated with medication, the cough frequently. It is then difficult to treat. "New drugs, the sensitivity of the cough reflex to inhibit over long periods of time, are in the Entwicklung", the lung-informed specialist. The clinical Tests were not yet completed.


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