You Might Scream From Pleasure While Using This $19 Massager On Your Tired Feet

You Might Scream From Pleasure While Using This $19 Massager On Your Tired Feet

If someone has ever been gracious enough to give you a foot massage after a long day, then you know just how satisfying the relief is. It’s like you can almost feel all the tension and stress melting away.

But unless you’re paying for it or have a partner who’s really into one-on-one time with your toes, then you’re probably used to reserving the foot rubs for special occasions.

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That is until now. Attention please, you want to hear this. If you’re looking for relief that makes you say ahhh everyday, then consider the TheraFlow Dual Foot Massager Roller.This manual massager, which has more than 3,000 positive reviews on Amazon, is made of 10 rollers covered in acupuncture nubs which provide instant relief once you rub your feet into them.

People with foot problems from plantar fasciitis to plain old soreness raved about how much the foot massager has alleviated their pain. One purchaser said the product helps her kick off her mornings.

Another customer bought it as a gift for her mom, but she was hilariously caught off guard by her mother’s reaction to it.

“My mother LOVED it! She even said a curse word when she first tried it since it felt amazing on her aching feet. Lol I was excited to watch my mom’s expressions of enjoyment as she tried it. That’s how I knew I had bought the PERFECT thing for her feet that she much needed.”

Ah, the relief of a foot massage. If you want to feel as amazing as this customer’s mom, you can get your own TheraFlow foot massager for just $18.95. Hide it under your work desk, store it next to your bed or leave it front of the living room couch. Anywhere it’s easy to get to is fine, since you likely won’t be able to live a day without it.

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