Amanda Seyfried Describes How ‘Incredibly Hard’ Breast-Feeding Was for Her

Amanda Seyfried Describes How ‘Incredibly Hard’ Breast-Feeding Was for Her

Honesty hour! Amanda Seyfried welcomed her daughter, Nina, in 2017, and is now opening up about how difficult breast-feeding was.

“You become very desperate,” the actress, 33, told Us Weekly exclusively at WP Theater’s 40th Anniversary Gala: The Women of Achievement Awards on Monday, April 15. “Because up until recently, it’s like a hidden, closeted thing. Breastfeeding is incredibly hard. If you don’t find it hard, you are rare. A rare, lucky person.”

The Mamma Mia! star added: “I feel like we’re all talking about it, but not enough still. Because I remember when I was having trouble, I mean, I was reaching out to [friends] saying, ‘I haven’t spoken to you in, like, a year, but how do you…?’”

That’s why Seyfried, who shares Nina with her husband, Thomas Sadoski, “love[s] giving advice” on breast-feeding. When Claire Holt shared her frustrations on Instagram earlier this month, the All My Children alum had her back.

“I gave myself two days off in the first week so I wouldn’t be scared and sad every time she woke up to feed,” the Mean Girls star commented on the emotional post. “And it helped so much. No guilt. Just pump and bottle. And then did both throughout. Less pressure. You’re not alone.”

As for Seyfried, when she needs advice on any and all things motherhood, she turns to her mom and her “best girlfriends.”

“I have, like, a very, very, very perfect group of women in my life, and if I need to lean, I’m just, like, falling onto these people,” she told Us. “We’re all each other’s rocks. And it’s funny because when one of your girlfriends is struggling, you end up taking the role of the rock and then when you’re struggling, they do. … It’s a give and take, and that’s the best kind of friendship.”

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