Andy Cohen Is Soaking up the Summer Sunshine With Mini-Me Daughter Lucy

Andy Cohen Is Soaking up the Summer Sunshine With Mini-Me Daughter Lucy

It happened so fast — one day, Andy Cohen’s daughter Lucy was a tiny baby doing tummy time, then you blink your eyes and she’s a 14-month-old who looks exactly like her famous dad. The Bravo TV host, who is also dad to son Ben, 4, recently shared a photo of his baby girl on Instagram, and they are making the exact same face.

“Summer Lovin’ ☀️♥️,” Cohen captioned the sweet snap. In the photo, Cohen wears a blue basketball cap and a bright orange shirt. His mouth is open in wonder as he looks out the window to a bright summer day beyond. Lucy is sitting on his lap, with her hair half pulled up in a ponytail, and she’s wearing a white pink romper with pink polka dots and a ruffled collar. She is also soaking up the sunshine, squinting her eyes at the brightness and admiring it with her mouth hanging open — just like her dad!

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“Daddy’s girl 💖,” one person commented. Someone else said, “Ahhh the same expression ❤️.”

“Lucy’s hair is everything! 😍” another said.

Other people joked about Lucy’s “calculations” this morning. “Her calculations seems like it’s a pretty good day,” one person said, while another noted that she’s too young to calculate. “At least Lucy isn’t making calculations yet! 😍”

“Calculating her cuteness … off the charts ❤️,” another said, and it’s so true.

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Last week, the Watch What Happens Live! host shared a too-cute video of his son Ben in the car on the way to summer camp.

After Ben complained about going to camp, Cohen told him, “Well, you know what? You have the power to be a good boy, to be nice to everybody, and to participate today.”

“My calculations don’t say that,” Ben replied matter-of-factly.

Later, his dad tried to get him to “recalculate” and Ben simply said, “I’m not.”

Cohen also shared a follow up video on Monday of taking Ben to camp.

“Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry you’re going to have such a bad day,” Cohen starts off in the video, shot in the car. “Well … maybe your calculations say the afternoon will get a little better? What do you think?”

From the backseat, Ben responds, “Oh, the oh … no that doesn’t. Don’t you remember? You were listening? You, you remember when we were talking and you said that … and then we were going back home from camp, we said that that you weren’t going to change my calculations.”

“That I’m not going to change your calculations?” Cohen asks. “That is correct. I am done changing your calculations, Ben. So if your calculations are that camp is going to be bad today, then I guess camp’s going to be bad today, right?” Spoken like any parent who has totally given up on arguing with their preschooler. We’ve all been there!

“How bad will it be?” Cohen asks.

“One million,” says Ben.

“A million? Well, I’m sorry camp’s going to be so bad today,” Cohen responds, prompting a whine/cry from the backseat that makes Cohen laugh. “I agree,” he adds.  Well, what can you do when your child has already made up his mind?

At least Lucy doesn’t know how to talk in complete sentences yet!

These celebrities are focused on raising their kids to be good humans.

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