Brittany & Patrick Mahomes Took Daughter Sterling To See Santa & Her Reaction Was Peak Toddler

Brittany & Patrick Mahomes Took Daughter Sterling To See Santa & Her Reaction Was Peak Toddler

Sterling Sky Mahomes is a lot of things — fashionista, football cheerleader, and brand-new big sister to baby brother Bronze, for starters. But one thing she’s not is 100% sure about this whole Santa thing … and we’ve seen the adorable pictures to prove it.

Mom Brittany Mahomes posted the photos to her Instagram on Monday, and while the family is certainly dressed in their festive best, the look on little Sterling’s face speaks volumes about how she’s feeling toward the big guy in red. Though she isn’t crying, she appears to be caught in mid-squirm on Santa’s lap, held gently in place by dad Patrick Mahomes on one side and her mama on the other (who are both beaming!). For her part, Brittany is sitting on Santa’s opposite knee — which most moms of toddlers will probably recognize as a “See? It’s OK! Mama’s doing it!” move. Sterling has a finger in her mouth and is looking somewhere past the camera in a classic “get-me-the-heck-outta-here” expression. (See the photos here.)

“We didn’t love Santa, but we didn’t scream! 😂❤️💚,” Brittany captioned the post. Thank goodness for small miracles!

Parents in the comments could definitely relate. “That’s about all we can ask for!!” one commenter said, while another reasonably pointed out that “Not screaming or crying is a start! 😆”

“She’s figuring it out, wait another year or two,” another chimed in, which is totally true — once kids start to understand the whole concept a little better, they seem much more enthusiastic.

In the second photo in the Instagram post, Sterling is no longer on Santa’s lap; she’s being held between her parents, but is clearly still unsure about the festivities in general. (Hey, Ster, we’d rather be at home in our PJs during social events too!) Even though the look on her face is less than enthusiastic, her outfit is definitely merry and bright: a long-sleeved black shirt under a red, green, and white plaid jumper with bows at the shoulders, and scarlet-red tights with the cutest fur-lined black boots.

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Give it another couple of years, and we’re sure she’ll be happy to show little brother Patrick Lavon “Bronze” the ropes — by then, he’ll be the hesitant toddler! Brittany has said that Sterling is already a wonderful big sister. In an Instagram post on Dec. 6, the doting mom gushed, “Just a little emotional today thinking about how blessed I am and how proud of this little angel I am. She has been doing so good as a big sister. She loves her brother so much & has been just the best little helper!!🤍

Of course, it isn’t all smooth sailing, especially with two kids under two. On Dec. 14, Brittany took to Twitter to say it’d been a rough day: “Today is my first day of chaos since having 2 kids … both screaming, both not wanting to nap.”

All in all, though, the Mahomes seem like they’re doing so well as a newly-minted family of four — and we bet that Sterling will feel much more optimistic about Santa once she figures out he’ll be leaving her presents come Christmas morning!

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