Drake's Interview With His 5-Year-Old Son Adonis Has Us Laughing & Crying in the Best Ways

Drake's Interview With His 5-Year-Old Son Adonis Has Us Laughing & Crying in the Best Ways

Drake‘s 5-year-old son Adonis had his first interview on Sunday, and we are already petitioning for more. On this week’s episode of Bar Stool Sports’ Sundae Conversations, the rapper and his son spoke candidly about their lives and their relationship, and it was equal parts adorable and hilarious.

The conversation started with host Caleb Pressley welcoming Adonis as “Drizzy Drake’s son.” The straight-faced little boy finished up a juice box and asked, “What does that mean?” before handing the empty drink over to his dad who sits nearby off-camera.

The two proceeded to have a candid conversation about Adonis’ friendships. Adonis, who Drake shares with his ex Sophie Brussaux, explains that a lot of friends are really nice to him, and they say things like “I like you because you’re being nice to me.” Pressley then asked what they say when they’re being mean, to which Adonis says in a “duh” voice, “They say, ‘I don’t like you because you’re being mean to me.’”

Plain and simple! Oh how we long for the simplicity of kindergarten friendships free of passive aggressive texts.

Speaking of kindergarten, Pressley then asked the kindergartener if he knows how to read. He said he doesn’t, but was quick to say “there is a him who can read” and “his name is Kyle.” Way to go, Kyle. And way to go, Adonis, giving credit where credit is due. I bet that would make Kyle say, “I like you because you’re being nice to me.”

Now get ready for some cuteness overload. Pressley asked Adonis if he thinks he’d be able to read if he had a better dad. To which we gave the host some major side eye.

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Adonis quickly turned to Drake and said, “This is my better dad!”

How stinkin’ sweet is that? There’s no doubt the two have a special bond. Drake has adorably cheered his mini-me on at basktball practice, and Adonis has hilariously roasted his dad … in French. Yup! The “better dad” has a young Francophile on his hands.

“And that’s a funny dad,” Adonis continued, “and also he does a lot of jokes.”

Drake then joined Pressley for his portion of the interview. The two cracked a lot of those jokes, just like Adonis suggested they would. Pressley asked if Adonis ever tries to c*ck block his dad “so he doesn’t [have to] split his ineritance,” and Drake insisted that Dan Akroyd invented Patron, much to the appropriate disbelief of co-host Glenny Balls.

Drake took a serious turn when Pressley asked the frequent gambler what is the best thing to bet on.

“Fatherhood,” Drake said simply. “For all the people out there, you can always bet on fatherhood.”

“House always wins,” Pressley said, to which Drake nodded along with a smile and a sincerity in his eyes that had our eyes tearing up.

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