Drew Scott’s Son Parker Destroys His Living Room In ‘5 Seconds’ & We Can’t Stop Laughing

Drew Scott’s Son Parker Destroys His Living Room In ‘5 Seconds’ & We Can’t Stop Laughing

A clean house, what’s that? With kids, it’s practically impossible to keep things straightened up — at least while they’re awake. They just love to be destructive! Drew Scott’s latest video perfectly nailed what it’s like when you turn your back on your toddler for just five seconds, and if you don’t laugh, you’ll cry!

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“When you finally finish cleaning but the house is messy again 5 seconds later,” he wrote over a video on Instagram. The video starts with Scott putting his 1-year-old son Parker, who he shares with wife Linda Phan, on a playmat surrounded by foam toys. He starts to walk away, but when he turns back, Parker has completely destroyed the living room. The foam tower is in disarray, there are books and pillows and balls and toys everywhere as Parker crawls around the mess he made.

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“A year ago, I said I’d keep Parker’s play area clean. But now…😳 #parenting,” the Property Brothers star quipped in his caption. Ah, the brilliant plans we make before our kids grow up! They sound so good in theory.

  • Parents Know the Struggle

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    Basically, everyone could relate to the messy life. 

    “No one said raising a child would be easy Drew! You never stop cleaning up after them so get used to it LOL! 😂❤️❤️” one person wrote. 

    “Welcome to parenthood Drew,” another wrote. 

    “Demo day,” another joked. Parker is just following in his dad’s footsteps!

    Someone else said, “The struggle is incredibly real haha.”

  • Drew Scott Wonders When It Gets Easier

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    Earlier this month, Scott took to Instagram to ask a question that parents have wondered since the beginning of time. 

    “Question for the parents: When does it get easier?! 🤣 #parenting” he wrote over a video of him frolicking (yes, frolicking) in a garden of flowers. I think at this point, he pretty much knows it won’t get easier for a while … 

  • Jonathan Scott Has a Trick

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    Despite the ups and downs, Scott has a great support system, especially in his brother Jonathan Scott, who is a “bonus dad” to Zooey Deschanel’s kids Charlie, 6, and Elsie, 7. 

    In fact, Jonathan even has a trick for getting kids to pick up that will help when Parker is older. 

    “I have the greatest trick to get kids to clean up messes and it works like a charm, but it requires follow through,” he said on a Father’s Day interview on their website.

    “So, we used to come into the playroom and it’d be like a grenade went off— it was a disaster zone. Which was crazy since it was clean that morning!” he said — and, yes, it truly does happen to everyone. “One day I said to the kids, ‘OK guys, anything you leave on the floor in your room or the playroom when you go to bed, that means you don’t want it and it’ll get thrown out or donated.’ Well, they didn’t believe it until the very first time I did it. They cried and were upset, but ever since if I ever say to them, ‘I guess you don’t want all this stuff on the ground?’, they’ll run in and start putting things away. Now they do a great job.”

    Drew responded, “That is one of the best tricks I’ve heard in a long time. I’ve made a list of things Jonathan says he’s invented and that’s a good one.” In the meantime, Drew will just have to keep cleaning every five seconds — or embrace the chaos. 

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