Hilary Duff's Recreation of Rachel McAdams' Iconic Breast-Pumping Photo Is Epic

Hilary Duff's Recreation of Rachel McAdams' Iconic Breast-Pumping Photo Is Epic

Hilary Duff is no stranger to motherhood. The Lizzie McGuire actor gave birth to her son, Luca Cruz, in 2012 and her daughter, Banks Violet, last fall. But experience alone certainly doesn’t mean everything is easy for the seasoned mom. Duff recently admitted that even the little things, like feeding and sleep, are still a struggle. And pumping? Well, it sucks. Literally. But thankfully, the mechanism hasn’t drained Duff of her spirits. Duff recently recreated Rachel McAdam’s infamous breast-pumping photo with a, um, more realistic spin — and it is genius.

The image, posted by Duff on Instagram, shows Duff wearing a button-down blouse and winter coat. But the best part? Her shower cap; is it the most unglamorously glam accessory a mom can buy or what?

She captioned the photo with the question “am I doing it right?” and an emoji of a happy face sticking out its tongue.

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Am I doing this right? ?

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Duff’s image is elatable AF. I mean, pumping may be the least sexy act on the planet, as Duff’s dead-eyed stare implies. But, admittedly, the mom of two looks way more put together than this here author. (When I pump, I often sport a disheveled ponytail and stained T-shirt… not to mention I am usually covered in food, poop or puke.)

This isn’t the first time Duff has gotten real about motherhood. Last month, she shared a snapshot to remember her “old self.” You know, the one before all the spit-up, sweatpants and sleepless nights.

Last week, Duff wished Banks a happy two-month birthday — while simultaneously admitting things had been hard for her and her “little strugglebunny.”

And just a few days ago, Duff opened up about her baby’s battle with colic, a condition that can cause babies to cry inconsolably for hours at a time.

As for breast pumping and feeding, it doesn’t matter how you do it, where you do it or whether you do so draped in diamonds or covered in barf. What matters is that your baby is happy, your baby is healthy and — most importantly — your baby is fed.

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